Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Giants Blast Past Rockies

12-3 win
The Giants did what they had to do tonight in San Francisco and overwhelmed the Colorado Rockies with great pitching and relentless hitting. Matt Moore flashed that flashy side he's flashed before and dominated with 11 strikeouts and zero walks over 7-2/3. It was a big-time start in a big-time game. The lineup had 19 hits including three doubles, three triples, and three homers, and that's certainly a timely surge for the final push. This is the team we thought we'd signed on with--now we have to see if they can win two in a row!

Both the Mets and Cardinals scored 12 runs each in their wins tonight. Feeling that playoff urgency yet? Three teams, two spots, five games apiece to play. The Mets remain a half-game up and the Cards a game back. The website says Samardzija, Cueto, Bumgarner, and TBD for the next four starts. It would be Moore's turn in the finale on Sunday. TBD will have to face Kershaw on Saturday. (Suarez? Blach? Cain?)



p.s. In one of the strangest moves I can remember, Giants trade for a player with only two series left. Gordon Beckham comes westward for the price of minor-leaguer Rich Rodriguez. (He's not post-season eligible.) Also catcher Tony Sanchez gets the call-up, Mac Williamson goes to the DL, and Matt Reynolds gets released.


carmot said...

M.C., if you don't mind me saying... The Mets actually have only FOUR games remaining. If they don't win at least 3 of those- wow. 86 wins could be a 3-way tie.

I LOVED Matty Moe's performance. I got worried at the top of the 7th, thought he was feeling fatigued. Some small mannerisms... Then he batted! Got 2 more outs. This guy is a key for our franchise. I'm psyched for him. He's always had ace potential. But he be bringing Maddy's slider now, and I figure Rags is partly responsible for his more frequent use of the changeup. Man, can he locate when he's ON. Sick.

I don't understand the moves. Okay, former 1st round picks, veterans... I really like Kelby and his energy/performance. Dang. Today I was reflecting back to the winter when I thought/hoped Ray Black would take the nation by storm. Oh man, could we use his (career!) 17.2 K/9, 103 mph gas-o-line. Wish he could stay healthy. He can weaponize to the likes of Aroldis. But. He. Must. Stay. Healthy.

Triples are fun. Great offense tonight. Woo-Hoo! Keep on winning... Cheers.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yes, I see they are off Thursday. That's the half-game difference!

Giants just have to win games, man. Don't want no steenkeen ties.