Saturday, September 10, 2016

JohnnyC and Hunter Give us a Laugh

11-3 win at ARI  

The seemingly resurgent Giants offense busted loose with NINETEEN hits, put ELEVEN runs on the board and JohnnyC (15-5) handcuffed the snakes with super quality stuff.  End result: a laugher!  How many of those have we had lately?  Ummm, like, NONE.  This Roadtrip has been a festival of one run losses (our speciality) and then, BOOM.   Is this just a fluke or a sign of better times?  I'm sorry to say there is no way to know with this team.

One thing we do know is that JohnnyC and Hunter Pence, when they are cooking like tonight, are an absolute baseball joy to watch.  Cueto was crisp and efficient; nibbling like a true artist. He even delivered a nice RBI single and proceeded to windmill all the runners to the plate.   Meanwhile, Pence made history with a second night in a row scoring FOUR runs.  He showed plate discipline and outrageous opposite field power.  The "Los D-backs" ( are they kidding with that? ) have no answer for Hunter; they just can't get him out.  If only this continues for, oh , about a month or two more. Please oh please.

(Sorry, no vlog tonight. Crazy busy night in SacTown. I'll catch next time. Love you guys!)


Brother Bob said...

Well that was more like it! Cueto and Pence are indeed fun to watch when they're at their best. There have been so many all-timey accomplishments this season- Crawford's 7 hit game, the 4 homer/4 triple game and others and now Pence's back-to-back 4 run games. Any team capable of so many bits of wonderfulness must be capable of anything. You'd think.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Nothing like a couple of wins to get the needle on the optimism meter to move!