Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vlog 27: "JohnnyConsolation"

3-2 loss (13) at CHI 

The topics of "good but not good enough" and "the consolation in a job well done" have been discussed alot around here lately.  Well, more of the same today as the Giants gave it their all but just couldn't squeak out the series split.  We brought out the small ball (including a suicide squeeze) and JohnnyC threw a gem (7IP, 1ER, 5H) but a league leading 7th blown save by Casilla burst that bubble.  Another good game, another loss.  Am I kidding myself with this "pretty good, there is hope" thing??  Oh yeah, don't forget to watch the reprise of vlog.  It has a pretty mountain.

Vlog 27 "JohnnyConsolation"


Zo said...

Good vlog, dude.

The Giants got 14 hits in total against the Cubs. 4 games, 40 innings. That's 1 hit every 2.875 innings. 132 at bats. 1 hit every 9.429 at bats. Or, slightly less than 1 hit every time through the order. Sad. Surprising that the games were close, which is a credit to our pitching. A blown save shouldn't be that surprising, because, as usual, it had to be perfect.

campanari said...

Well, having just come home after having been at the game, my sense is that the Giants and the Cubs are pretty evenly matched, as four consecutive one-run games, the last of them thirteen innings long, supports. I don't see us getting rolled out to strudel-leaf thinness by their mighty juggernaut if we face them in the playoffs. Obviously we have to start hitting, but again, the mighty Cubs didn't hit much better than the Giants today or in the previous games of the series.

I very much liked what I saw of Joe Nathan; and I think that those who sourly deplore subbing in Eduardo Nunez for.Matt Duffy will find their acid level lowering as they watch Nunez play. He looked like an exceptionally fine member of the team today.

JC Parsons said...

@campanari You got to see a fine game and it looked like a lovely day. Watching the Giants at Wrigley is on my bucket list, so I'm quite envious. I very much agree that Nunez seems like a nice addition. His defense seems much better than I expected and distinctly better than Duffy's. Some highlights this week alone are remarkable.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Giants can't seem to get all the cylinders firing at the same time. Awful close all weekend. Should have won one of the two that they blew late. I really thought they would squeak it out yesterday. DAMN!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I thought when Casilla blew it in the 9th "that's the biggest blown save of the season." Then I thought "oh but there's plenty more chances for blown saves the rest of the way!"

Giants are maddening, yes, but certainly not done. If they can squeak into the post-season by the WC or clawing past LA for the Division then they are just as good as anyone else and have just as much of a chance at glory. Once it is October you throw out the records and the hot and cold streaks and all that and just play. A weakened Giants club forced the best team in baseball to play even better just to barely win the series. We have to take the positives from that.

Don't we?

nomisnala said...

Bochy keeps throwing out Casilla to save games. so I guess he thinks that he is our best option. Unless something changes drastically, and soon, the giants will spend playoff season watching the playoffs at home, on their giant screen high definition televisions. Brutal post all star break implosion that will not stop.