Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did I say wins had to be pretty?

The Giants put 15 guys on base tonight with one double, two triples, ten singles and two walks, yet managed to score only the requisite minimum of four runs. Four runs equals a win, right? That's the game plan in San Francisco, pitch like hell and scratch out a measly four. Worked this time, but it sure would be nice to improve on the old bugaboo, namely hitting with RISP. The lads were 2-for-14 according to the box score, which looks bad until you check out the Phillies and their 1-for-11. Madison Bumgarner kept it together for 6+ and some very nice work (13 pitches, 9 strikes, 2 K) by Clay Hensley in the 7th set it up for the end game. Hensley looks like he has a lot of weapons and some tricky movement that works against lefties. Sergio Romo worked a crisp 8th and "Mr. 95" Santiago Casilla got the PWS (post-Wilson save). That's nine bullpen outs without using Javier Lopez or Jeremy Affeldt. I like it.

Brandon Crawford had quite a workout, starting the game with his fourth error and then facing what seemed like an endless parade of tough chances. He made a terrific Crawfordian stop and signature rocket throw to first on a hard smash from Shane Victorino to get the last out in the 9th. It looked like it would get the five-and-a-half hole and extend the inning after Juan Pierre's two-out hit, but the youngster had clearly had enough and made the play with panache. I can't contemplate what would happen if our wunderkind shortstop got hurt. Ryan Theriot? Move MannyB over? Ugh. I'll give Emmanuel Burriss his due--he's handling his chances at the keystone with some grace and skill, and has even looked sorta not-lost OK at the plate (a walk, hit, and SB tonight). But life without Brandon C would be ugly. Speaking of Brandons, Aubrey Huff is hitting .207, only 40 points more than Brandon Belt. Nate Schierholtz got a single off the wall in right and two other hits as well as his first walk of the season, thus finally raising his OBP (.370) above his BA (.360). He has yet to strike out.

Matt Cain and Cliff Lee tomorrow in the rubber match. GO GIANTS!


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Shankbone said...

Need to cash in a few of these scoring position fellers there. I hope this is just April getting to gel on the defense, that act is tired already. Crawford's range will give him some unearned errors. I am loving not having a frickin' statue at short.