Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giants score four runs two days in a row!

Hey, take a few positives, will ya? Sure, Madison Bumgarner looked today like Tim Lincecum looked yesterday, but the Giants hit two two-run homers. The Giants set a record last season for fewest two-run home runs by a franchise, uh, ever. You can look it up. I was getting whiplash from watching all the long balls. Or maybe it was the sports bar with the Giants in front of me and the Giants behind me, the Masters on both sides of me, and random sportage all about me in widescreen HD, into the Valley of Death rode us. You'd think getting 3/5 of the RMC ro together in one particular coordinate* in the time-space continuum would propel the Giants to victory. Alas not. I said it about yesterday's game and will say it about today's--the club did not show this kind of fightback last season. That team gave up if they were down 3-0 in the first. This team keeps coming. Pablo Sandoval is the man. A full season could be spectacular--let's hope he stays healthy. Brett Pill got a huge hit off a tough right-hander. I like it. MadBum (like Tim) looked like he forgot to warm up. Sometimes good pitchers pitch poorly, this we know, but back-to-back is tough to take. If I hadn't had such a fun day, I would be really grumpy right now.

Don't Panik: Matt Cain pitches tomorrow.


*Good to see you, mis amigos. May we cross paths again soon, this time with better results.

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