Saturday, July 14, 2012

Undefeated in the second half!

Buster Posey hits most of his homers on the road, mostly because he's not a pull hitter. He hits his bombs to the gaps, and AT&T is not the place to try to jack 'em out that way. So it is sure nice to know he can just skip all that and blast the ball over the centerfield wall. Way to go Buster, that's the signature hit of The Second Half So Far. And Madison Bumgarner is really good, so I'm voting him The Second Half Starter Award because he's the only Giants pitcher to win so far in the second half. And I wish Pablo Sandoval wouldn't play fullback at home plate. Yeah, it was nice to have an extra run, but that was a bit of luck, going home on that dinky little fly ball was silly. And football smash-mouth is fine in football, but this is baseball, and I'd really rather see a nice slide and sweep tag play. It isn't always the catcher who gets hurt in those collisions. But I digress. The Giants are undefeated in the second half!



JC Parsons said...

Don't forget the Second Half closer award to Castilla and the Best Second Half hold goes to Romo. Lopez racked up the best Second Half job by a LOOGY. Gee, this is easy.

We sure look like a different team at home. Tim has been WAY better at home too. I'm not not all....nothing to be scared of....right???

John Sanchez said...

Yet Posey has a .331 home BA and a .255 BA on the road.

J Sanchez said...

Yet Posey has a .331 home BA and a .255 BA on the road.