Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cain runneth over

That was some serious Cainousness in the All-Star Game. Major Cainosity. Full-on Cainitude. That was as Matt Cain as a Matt Cain game can be. A lucky hit, a pop fly, a deep fly out (that the announcers thought was a homer), and a stirring, swinging whiff of the HR king, a hard-working 23-pitch zero, only to be followed up by a six-pitch mow down of some more big guns for another zero. Does that sound like a Cain game to you? Just beautiful, Matty. Just beautiful. And you have love two hits, a walk, three runs and three RBI for three Giants in the 1st. Like I said, beautiful. Whatever else happens, I don't care. Our boys represented!


UPDATE: Melky Cabrera goes deep! The NL hits for the cycle! Giants 5, AL 0.

UPDATE (8th inning): Clearly it is an "M.C. Squared" night, Matt Cain for the WIN and Melky Cabrera for the MVP. Am I right?

UPDATE (post-game): It's official, Melky is the MVP. So well deserved.


Brother Bob said...

I wish I could have watched it. I heard that Pablo's big hit was the first bases-loaded triple in ASG history.
If we get to the WS we will have earned the homfield advantage for ourselves. It would be a shame to have done such a favor to the Smog Suckers.

Zo said...

WTF? 5 rbi in a meaningless exhibition game? Why can't we do that when it means something?

My motto, "No matter what situation, there is always a tarnished lining."

Ron said...

It took a little longer than I expected, but Zo came through in the clutch with his annual disparaging remark about the All-Star Game! This one, I totally agree with.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm just happy that OUR boys were the stars.