Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Disadvantage Tim?

Start #24    Loss (6-12)    7 innings    6 hits    3 runs    2 walks    3 strikeouts

I hate to admit it but I must not be much of a baseball analyst. Tonight's loss, 3-0 to Colorado, leaves me without much to say. Tim was OK, not terrific. The top five batters in our lineup failed to get a hit. We ran ourselves out of what little hope we generated. Ummm, nobody got hurt.

There must be something else I'm missing. I know the media will be going crazy over the lack of offense at home. It is quite a big differential, especially after the last road trip. But, come on, isn't it just a number fluke thing. Is there a good reason that we hit fewer balls at home? Is it really a topic of interest? You tell me. After all, how should I know? I'm a crappy baseball analyst.

The good: Totally non-baseball!! My Ever-Lovin' Wife is back after FIVE NIGHTS gone on a wild belly dancing adventure. I am out of here!


Zo said...

This was a game that could happen at any time to any team. It does seem like we write this more often that we should. Tim pitched OK, it's tough to get a win when you're blanked.

M.C. O'Connor said...

A "running game" is pointless without a "hitting game." One is complementary to the other, like cinnamon on French toast. Gotta have eggs and bread first, man, then you can spice it up later.

The Giants should win, or at least be in a position to win, when they get 7-and-3 from their starter. Last night they had no chance and what few chances they had they stupidly ran into outs. Rockies relievers threw four scoreless! Lame.

Giants are +12 at home (180 RS, 168 RA). They are +13 on the road (291 RA, 278 RA). Winning 15-0 in St. Louis will do that for you. Home record: 32-24. Road record: 29-28. Record in one-run games: 22-17 with 145 RS and 140 RA. Record in "blowouts" (+5 difference): 17-13 with 180 RS and 154 RA.

That's the analysis. I'll be damned if I can conclude anything, other than they looked like shit last night.

Brother Bob said...

No Giant not named Brandon got a hit last night.
A quality start from Lincecum. I'll take it.