Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three Ball Tim

Start # 26   Win!!  (7-13)    5.2 innings (87 pitches)  5 hits   1 runs   1 walk   4 strikeouts

In a game that crackled with play-off intensity, the Giants took game #2 of this big series, 4-1, and extended the lead to 1.5 games over the smog-suckers. Boy howdy, we sure are a tough team on the road.  Clutch hitting, spectacular defense and superb pitching all seem to be the norm when we face the big, hostile crowds.  That certainly may prove to be a big factor in the post-season.

Part of the intensity that I mentioned has to do with Tim Lincecum and how he was handled tonight.  A glance at his numbers seems to reveal a strong performance. And it was pretty good ... in fact, his first five innings were almost flawless.  It seemed like every time he got three balls on them (and that was often), he found a way to get the out. Until the sixth. Then his command went bye-bye, he gave up a few singles and he got a pretty quick hook.  I can't really say it wasn't deserved, after all we have all lived through the freakish nightmare of this season.  Still, it was a move that never would have happened any other year.  Another aspect of the new Tim, I suppose.

The good:  Angel Pagan continues his current hot streak, tonight with three hits. Perhaps even more surprising was Pagan's perfect one-hop throw to nail A.J. Ellis at the plate.  Hector Sanchez blocked the plate beautifully. However, the true player of game was probably Santiago Casilla.  Two dominating innings that effectively crushed the dogger's hopes.  If Casilla returns to his earlier form, we regain our game-changing bullpen.  That is the best news of the night

Another really nice thing about tonight... Matt Kemp is human!  He looked down-right mortal, Thank Willie.

Hey! The snakes just lost!  A good night.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Kemp 17 K in his career vs Lincecum (39 AB). The sac fly with the bases loaded was a big play, too. Down by four, they gave up an out to get a run, I'll take it. Great effort by Mijares to get Ethier to end the threat. Quick hook but a good move by Ol' Boch. Maybe Tim can build off this start. Lots of ground balls, zip on the fastball (93 mph), throwing the breaking balls for strikes, I like it.

Blanton has not delivered for LA since they acquired him. Giants got the mismatch and took advantage--both pitchers went 5-2/3 but Blanton allowed twice as many baserunners.

Ron said...

Many other good things about that game, but let's just focus on the top of the 4th:

- Blanco getting to 3rd on the bad pick-off throw.

- Crawford, in a situation in which we have often failed to even put the bat on the ball, doing the responsible thing by reaching over the plate to flip one into LF to drive in the third run which. At the time (& now), it felt like the most important run we scored - a real pressure reliever. If Crawfold had failed, the potential 3rd out of the inning was Tim on deck. It was crucial to get something out of that situation.

- With the pressure reduced, Tim's bunt immediately thereafter, followed by Pagan's RBI hit. Great stuff.

Having won the first 2 games, it is now CRUCIAL that we win tonight. Such a huge difference to leave town 2 1/2 up, instead of a mere 1/2 game ahead. Big game for Matt & the whole Team!!!!!

Russian River said...

OK.....September is right around the corner and the intensity of the pennant race is picking up along with the importance of winning each game. Way to go last night guys! Good D, timely hitting and clutch pitching. I'm getting excited......how about you? Duck the Fodgers!

Shankbone said...

Alright RMC, time to get your collective mojo behind your namesake and will a win and the elusive sweep. Capuano is the kind of pitcher who gives us fits, but we have to get to him behind our ace today. This team needs to put their boot on the Doyers throats and go for it now.

Great win last night. I am enjoying Angel Pagan's hustle bustle, and Scutaro has really stepped up as well.

Zo said...

In the sixth, Tim threw one strike in his first seven pitches. Give credit to Bochy, he got Tim out quickly before he could get into too much trouble. I heard Krukow this morning on the radio, he said that he expects that Tim will be handled in a like manner in the future. He expects Tim to have the sort of intensity that he displayed in the first 5, but does not know if he will be able to maintain it for entire games. Hence, a quick hook.

You are absolutely correct about Casilla. Whether this alleged blister on his finger has been the problem or not, he has been used gingerly since his implosions in July. I have to think that Bochy sat him down and made him understand that his reduced role was about winning ballgames, not about him. Also, we haven't heard him whining about it. Well last night he was nails and because of it, I do not doubt that he can close. And that is huge. As are a pen with three competent lefties.

I disagree with Ron. The Giants have won this series after their humiliation at ATT. I have no doubt that they would like nothing better than to sweep, but a win is not crucial. They are now one up on the season series (with tonight, and then 6 more to come). They need to go in relaxed and confident, not tense and desparate.

Brother Bob said...

I love the way the top of the order has been producing for us. MondAy night Pagan and Scutaro got 2 hits apiece, last night 3 and 2 respectively. And Sandoval is driving them in.
Breaking news--- Bartolo Colon, 39 year old starter for the As, a former Cy Young winner, has met the same fate as Melky- busted for testosterone and suspended for 50 games.

nomisnala said...

I think yesterday's home plate ump needs to go on vacation. He was absolutely terrible. Much worse for Tim than for Blanton. I think Pagan's shallow throw to the plate to get a slow catcher was a two hopper. Pagan has been good as of late, always hustles, but his arm is rather poor. Good compared to Juan Pierre, but poor. I like Pagan and would not mind if the giants could sign him for another year. Brown may not be ready by next year. We would have Pence, Pagan, and we need someone who can drive in runs and hit the long ball, if we do not try to get Cabrera back. Assuming Carlos Beltran is PED free, he just would have been a good fit for this team this year. Nice guy in the lineup in front of, or behind Posey.