Monday, October 6, 2014

Bum Blows Bunt, Batters Bow

Do my paper this morning tells me that the only tv showing the Giants playoff game in San Francisco is MLBnet.  What the fuck?  So after looking frantically to find MLBnet, I am informed that I have to pay extra for it.  However, the ordering information on the tv does not work, I am instructed to call Comcast XFinity.  Fuck, like that would take no more than a minute or two.

So I did not see the game.  Apparently, Bumgarner decided to go to third on a bunt with a man at first and second, threw wide and the ball had to be retrieved by Ishikawa in left.  2 runs scored and then another.  The Giants scored one in the ninth after Harper hit a solo home run.  The Nats have to be feeling pretty good about themselves, they beat our ace.

Why is MLBnet showing this game?  I already pay an ungodly amount of money each month for cable and phone and a poorly functioning internet connection, and now I have to pay more to watch my own baseball team in the playoffs?  FUCK YOU, MLBnet, you bunch of corporate motherfucking assholes.  This is what an anti-trust exemption has brought us and I demand that Congress rescind it immediately.  The Giants lost.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, we had to upgrade our Dish just to get FS1. Fortunately that was quick and we got to see the other games and MLBnet was part of the package. And yes, our corporate overlords fuck us in the ass daily with sandpaper-covered blunt objects and expect us to enjoy it and can't believe it when we don't want more of it.

It was one of those games that you knew would get decided by the first team to blink and the Giants blinked first. The offense was nowhere and I guess MadBum thought he had to do it all and made not only a poor choice but a poor throw and that was it. I think Buster should have been yelling and pointing at first. I would have still been confident with men on 2nd and 3rd with one out and the #8 and #9 hitters. Would have taken the out without hesitation.

Ah well, they better have some bats tomorrow. The pixie dust wore off and now they are really going to have to grind. Vogie will keep them in the game but they gotta put up some damn runs.

Brother Bob said...

Apparently Buster instructed MadBum to go to 3rd and quickly realized it was a mistake. I recall screaming "You stupid motherfucker!" as soon as MadBum turned in that direction, then of course it all went to shit.
We probably would have lost anyway.
Blanco has been awful, Panik seems to have misplaced his mojo, Ishikawa is not a good outfielder, etc.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, it seems Buster was the culprit. Classic case of "trying to do too much." Can't fault your best players for wanting to make the big play, but baseball is unforgiving. Keep the game small, keep it in front of you, stay within the confines of the play usually pays off better. There's a good chance the Giants lose that game anyway because they couldn't hit Fister.

Ishikawa has looked fine in left. He almost threw out Ramos, if the ball had not been slowed by Crawford's glove they would have had time to get him. He hit a good ball, too, that Harper made a nice play on. Ishikawa, amazingly, has not hurt the team. Stroke of genius by Boch to cover that hole, in fact. Looks like a lineup shakeup today with Pence leading off. Whatever works--they gotta get some hits. I think Vogie will be tough, he always is at home, and just may pull off a Huddy. But they got to get some damn runs.

Zo said...

Gonzales has been erratic, but you are right, Vogie has to put up a tough game. If not, I expect a quick leash. No one wants to go back to Washington and face (probably) Zimmerman. Well, maybe Nats fans, but no one among US.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yeah, must win for the Giants. I think Vogie is up to the task, he seems to get tired in the latter parts of the season, ending on a down note, but in 2012, once he got some rest, he came in and dominated. And, yeah, similar to Huddy in game 2.

And Gonzalez, I don't know how good a pitcher he is with the bright lights. He was totally wild his two playoff starts in 2012.

Maybe, now that he's had time to process things, he'll be better. But if that extra inning game did not happen, we would probably be seeing Roarke vs. Petit, and I would feel good about our chances there as well. Until he shows otherwise, though, while he's older and his peripherals look good, I think he'll crack before Vogie does, and if that happens, Bochy is going to pull pitchers in and out as necessary until the lead becomes a win.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Just posted the lineup: Blanco, Panik, Posey, PENCE, Sandoval, Belt, Crawford, and PEREZ in LF vs. lefty Gonzalez.