Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Giants Take Crown From Royals!

Madison Bumgarner and the Giants win Game Seven in Kansas City to claim the World Series title! Obviously the hero is the superstar lefty, but you have to acknowledge the incredible play by Joe Panik to start a crucial double play and back up the good effort from Jeremy Affeldt. Pablo Sandoval had four hits, he and Pence would have been co-MVPs if not for the big fella from Hickory. And Mike Morse, much-maligned as a brain-dead slugger and then out of action for much of the stretch run, delivered two huge RBIs to give the Giants and Bumgarner just enough. It was an incredible display of baseball by the orange and black. In the 9th we all had a terrifying moment when Gregor Blanco let a ball get past him and put a runner on third base, but MadBum overpowered Salvador Perez to end it.




nomisnala said...

Blanco was just trying to let us all know what it would be like if Pagan was out there. Of course Pagan could have provided more offense. It was almost an inside the parker. Nevertheless, glad to root for a team that has established an even year dynasty. We can hibernate until October 2016. Time to sign Sandoval, and lock him in for at least 4 years.

Zo said...

Jeremy Affeldt has pitched 11.2 innings in this postseason. He has not given up a single run. Pence and Pablo have had hits in every game of this World Series. Kershaw may have his Cy, but Madison has a (third) ring and a World Series MVP.

Shankbone said...

Affeldt might go down as Sabean's best FA signing. Pence is definitely his best trade. But those two Southern Boys are going to have to wrastle it out for best draft picks ever.


obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

I was thinking the exact same thing afterward,basking in the moment., that Affeldt could be the best, heck, not just that but makes up for all the mistakes that people have claimed over the years.

No hibernation, please! They need to shut up the naysayers, bit by bit, Sabean, Bochy, and gang has proved the naysayers wrong, and the latest is that this is not a dynasty because they had not won consecutive titles. So they need to win in 2015 to shut that down.

I am OK with signing Panda as long as it is reasonable. Given his agents previous statements, they want the moon, so I would happy with QO and draft pick if we lose him. But I think the more likely scenario is him asking for too much and we sign him for QO amount for one year just before spring training, because I do not think he can stand being away once it starts.

Mosaicalchemy said...

Can't sleep. Oogling all the photos from the Giants twitter feed.

POSEY. We win with Posey behind the plate.

So happy.

Will dream in black and orange tonight!559

M.C. O'Connor said...

An amazing run for a team that looked dead in June and July. Mike Morse talked about the ups and downs of the season in his post-game interview and how the team never lost faith. I remember when we signed him he said several times "I don't think this team knows yet how good it can be" which turned out to be prophetic. I love how the DH rule in the AL park worked out for the NL champs!

I'm in the sign Pablo camp. I know he can be frustrating but there are not a lot of 3B options out there. And can you imagine the Panda anywhere else? The fans can't!

Ron said...

Random thoughts for now - still too excited to go for a coherent post:

- Woo f-ing Hoo!!!!!

- MadBum, statistically, the greatest World Series Pitcher of all time. What a cool customer! What a performance!!!!

- On the big DP, Panik was sensational, but Crawford deserves a lot of praise as well. The way that the play developed, Crawford had to make a flat-footed throw with a runner bearing down on him & a decently fast guy running to first. That he got the throw there in time was miraculous. So, great job by both of them!

- The Blanco / Perez combined fluff-up was about 6 inches of additional Perez boot from being a game-tieing inside-the-park HR. I was apoplectic. Once it turned out that it was only a 3B, I had near total confidence in Bumgarner to get the out, but what a relief that Gordon stopped running. Leon Durham, Bill Buckner, & Steve Bartman still maintain full rights to monumental post-season fielding mishaps.

- The Panda tag-up was a great play.

- Bochy plugging in Perez to play LF came into play once, & it was big. Ishikawa wouldn't have caught that ball.

- Champagne flowed again in our household (well, out on the deck) - 4 times now. 3 Giants WS titles, plus the Chelsea Champions' League title.

- Can't wait to teach my Classes this evening & Saturday morning to bust out my Madison Bumgarner super-Yogi quote again!!!!!

Go Giants!!!!!

Brother Bob said...

Some of the Killer P's did great, Pence and Pablo, others not so much, Posey and Peavy, Panik was great with his glove but 0-4 at the plate. Pagan was absent. Who else? Perez almost gave the lead away, in collaboration with Blanco, that was horrible.
Of course none of that matters much, the whole story is a pitching performance for the ages. Enough has been said about Bumgarner. What I like to think about is what he's going to look like when he's 39 years old like Hudson is now. How much can he enhance his reputation? Can it get any better? How about a few 20-win seasons? That would be nice.

Zo said...

Bob - not nearly enough has been said about Bumgarner. Not even close.

JC Parsons said...

I agree. There will never be enough written about the performance we just saw. People will write books about it (looking at you,MOC) and songs will be song about it.

I also agree that the play of BCraw is easy to over look, yet it was phenomenal. The play where he got a force at second was a pure baseball orgasm. His knowledge of the angles, speed, etc is second to none. Then he followed that with an amazing flat footed throw for the double play. I knew he got him but I was not at all surprised that the ump called safe. No way was the ump expecting the throw, let alone having it be so close. I was hoping every ball was hit to him all night.

You have to admit that the tail end of the KC bullpen is a work of art. That team will be contending for a while. If they add another top starter, they will be very hard to beat. Hope we play them again next year!!

Ron said...

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We at Hickory's Finest Custom Framing are so proud of you Madison. I would love to see Highway 321 from Caldwell County to Hickory, named Bumgarner Boulevard."

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