Wednesday, September 14, 2016

8th inning: 9-9

I wrote this after a bullpen meltdown last week:
Maybe Boch should flip everything over and have Casilla be the first guy out of the 'pen and Okert and Strickland finish. Can't get any worse.
Turns out it can be worse--Giants give up five in the 9th and lose to San Diego 6-4. OK, so I won't give the skipper any more advice.

Here's the breakdown. At least we are seeing an upward trend! 18 games to go--it's the final inning of the season. Not exactly the Giants forte--final innings, that is.

1st inning:  8-10
2nd inning: 10-8
3rd inning: 15-3
4th inning: 12-6
5th inning: 12-6
6th inning: 5-13
7th inning: 6-12
8th inning: 9-9

Bumgarner this afternoon. Go Giants!



nomisnala said...

I am afraid that the 9th inning will look more like the 6th and 7th. Bochy has lost his ability to motivate this team. Rotation has been good. And in general, fielding decent, except in really crucial times, but two out two strike saves situations have yielded home runs with regularity. My gastroenterologist could only wish such regularity for his patient's, but then again he would go out of business. Giants attempt at a comeback Tuesday night in the ninth was impotent.

M.C. O'Connor said...

This bullpen malaise is hard to take. It's such an obvious Achilles' Heel. And it is not what we are used to! I like those guys--Strickland and Okert--along with Law and Osich and Gearrin and etc., things have just not worked out. Smith is finally showing what he can do, that bodes well for next season.

This team is still in the post-season hunt. They lose in horrid, gut-wrenching fashion, and drive us all mad, but they are still capable of a great "inning" and reaching the playoffs. Crazy!

Zo said...

It indeed gets worse. In spite of my opinion that our losses are often the result of our patented no-offense offense, we have blown 4 games in relief. Since we went to Chicago. That's only 12 games ago. If we had those 4 games......