Friday, June 23, 2017

Blech Blach

After dropping 7 of their 8 game road trip in Colorado and Atlanta, the Giants returned home.  And lost.

Ty Blach on the mound for the Giants, against the Mets' Seth Lugo.  Ty has been a bright spot for the Giants through their dismal season, but, not unlike tarnish, rust or wood rot, tonight the dismal-ness has spread to Ty's performance.

The Giants lost to the Mets 11 - 4.  If you were finishing up dinner, or, for that matter, blinked, you could have missed the scoring.  The Giants went into the 2nd inning tied at 1 each, and then the Mets threw in 3 doubles, a Cespedes home run and an rbi sac fly for good measure to make it 7 - 1.   Yeah, they scored more later, mostly in the 6th.  The Mets, who themselves have been losing much like the Giants, had 20 hits.  Ty went 3, gave up 7, all earned, on 11 hits.  Some of those hits were bloops, but then, some were not.   Gearrin went 2, gave up none; Okert gave up 3 in 1 inning; Osich 1 more in 2; and Melancon, appearing so he could have something to do, gave up a booming high off the bricks on his first pitch, but managed to retire the side without scoring.  I believe that makes 10 losses in their last 11, and gives us a June record of 5 - 16.  The All-Star break seems a long way off.


M.C. O'Connor said...

June swoon no more. June doom more like it. Losing is one thing. Collapsing completely is another. I've never seen a team fall apart like this. I've watched bad teams, really bad teams, but they were supposed to be bad. This is the End Days of a good team. A once-great team. Man, when it goes, it goes fast and hard. The Apocalypse started, I suppose, after the ASB last season. Then they had that nice run at the end when they whipped the Dodgers, salvaged a playoff spot, and threw a scare into the eventual champs. But that was the proverbial last gasp. Since then everything that could have gone wrong starting going wrong and kept going wrong. It's no longer about righting the ship, it's about salvaging the wreck.

Zo said...

I'm not entirely sure I agree with this, but then, I don't really know what to think.

One thing I think is under-recognized, is that the relief staff, with the absence of known presences like Javier Lopez and Jeremy Affeldt, are still a question mark. The youngsters that are supposed to be the mainstays of our relief have not nailed down roles. Maybe because they aren't capable, maybe because they just aren't there yet. Morris was mediocre, then good for awhile, now DFA'ed. Okert went back to the minors, came up to replace Morris, and then got hit hard. You could go on and on with those kind of examples.

Crawford looked weak. In most of his at-bats he looked lost. He hit a ball pretty well for a sac fly with the bases loaded, but compare that to Cespedes, who scalded the ball, or Duda's 9th inning shot off of the bricks in right center.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ryder Jones gets his debut tonight with the injury to Eduardo Nunez. I say give all the rookies a shot!! This is the time. The team is dead in the water, the season is over, the only thing left to do is find some young talent to fill the holes. Aaron Hill was DFA'd, not a surprise. It seems like every vet the Giants brought in to shore up the bench and/or compete for a job performed well below expectations.

nomisnala said...

Kansas City has turned their season around. It is unlikely that the giants will do so, but this team again is made up of great complementary players, they need one real masher in the lineup instead of a weak member like Hernandez. Someone who can hit 40 homers and bat around 300, would change the dynamics of this team mightily. They cannot score run, and in the few games that they do, they cannot pitch. I have seen some hapless teams before but none, had as many decent players. Cueto in his last two outings went 7 innings each time, pitched quality starts but the team will not hit. Except for pure singles hitters, I have never seen a guy with stats like Posey's with so few RBI.

nomisnala said...

Move Bochy up to the front office, with the team playing like this, they are going to give him a heart attack or ruin his reputation.