Sunday, July 16, 2017

Boom-Boom, out go the lights

SD 7  SF 1
Padres hit two big homers off Jeff Samardzija and take the rubber match in San Diego. No subtlety with the big righty--he blows it by you or you blast it past him. Giants start the second half in style, losing two of three. It's a trial, I tell ya. These guys are working harder and doing worse. I suppose it's all about looking at the bright side. Denard Span got three hits, he's finally hitting like a real player (.288/.337/.446). Buster Posey got two hits, he's doing that 300-400-500 thing (.328/.408/.509) that I think is really cool. I want to see more of Kyle Crick. Matt Cain pitches Wednesday at home, I'll report back then.




Zo said...

Giants have now lost 14 of the last 19 meetings with San Diego. San Diego. A team of minor leaguers, mostly. Giants have lost 6 of 9 this year. Just when you think this team has bottomed, they find new ways to disappoint. Hector Sanchez? In 637 plate appearances for the Giants, he hit 10 home runs. In 96 plate appearances with the Padres, he's hit 8. I think all of them have been against the Giants.

nomisnala said...

and in less than 20 plate appearances against the giants he has hit 4, including his first hit from the right side of the plate this year. I am convinced that either, teams are stealing the giants signs, or the pitchers are tipping off their pitches, especially when they are in the stretch. Posey seems to hit pitchers better when they are in the windup then when they are in the stretch. He is only hitting about 240 with runners in scoring position. By now the hitting coach should have helped Posey figure out what he is doing wrong in these situations.