Thursday, July 20, 2017

San Diego...................and Another Giant Loss

Well, it's not like the Giants were facing pushover teams like last year's World Series runners-up.  No.  They were facing the tough, tough Padres, who lead the league in just about everything.   Wait, what?  They aren't even a .500 team?  I thought they were at least .850 for the season they way they manhandle the Giants with all their All Stars.  What, they have guys that were in A ball on their team?  Gosh.   Maybe the Giants aren't a really good team after all.  An unsurprising loss, at home, to team that is (unlike the Giants) intentionally crappy, 5 - 2.

We are now 3 - 7 against the Padres.  Oddly, the Giants are almost inversely successful against teams in the west.  We actually have a winning record, at this point, against the doggers.  I do not expect that to last.  We play better against the dbacks, then slightly better against the pudres than the roxies (.300 vs .285).   Weird.

Madison Bumgarner vs Jhoulys Chacin, who, as usual had the Giants flummoxed.  Bumgarner got through the first, then gave up a quick hit and a 2 run blast in the 2nd, then another 2 run shot in the 7th.  Madison gave us 6 1/3 innings, gave up 4 earned runs on 6 hits.  He walked 1 and struck out 5.  Kontos gave up the Padres 5th run, and Crick gave us 1 2/3 innings and looked pretty good.  Nunez and Span got rbi's for the Giants.  As usual, they had several chances to tie the game or take the lead, but they did not do that.  Beating San Diego?  No, we don't do that, either.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Homers are killing the Giants. The 109 allowed isn't that bad--puts them at 8th. Dodgers have allowed 94 (best), and Reds 166 (worst). It shouldn't be such a problem. But it is. Giants can't keep up! Their .677 OPS is dead last. The Padres only needed one of those homers. Ugh. At least Bumgarner seems healthy. That should bode well for next year.

nomisnala said...

giants seem to be a warning track hitting team in their own park, while other teams seems to be able to reach the seats. The opposite of the giants home life with Barry Bonds. Posey comes up with the bases loaded, with the pitcher ready to be had. Then the Padre pitcher gets back to back questionable strike calls. Posey looked as if he was going to pull a gasket, or at least hit the ump over the head with the bat. It basically changed the AB, of our best hitter, where the momentum had shifted to the giants. Just the way it goes these days. If the bases were loaded for the pads, and our guy was on the mound those first two pitches would have been ball one and ball two.