Sunday, August 6, 2017


The Giants teamed up to support Jeff Samardzija today and got their second win in two days against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jarrett Parker hit a monster two-run homer and threw out J.D. Martinez at the plate as well. It will be nice to see what this guy can do over a whole season. Stay healthy, man. Hunter Pence and Nick Hundley both had clutch, run-scoring hits. Arizona avoided pitching to Buster Posey but he still scored a run, with Brandon Belt on the DL someone has to pick up the slack. Pence would be the obvious candidate. Albert Suarez was particularly impressive in relief, getting the final seven outs, and looks poised to be a big contributor next season. The Shark walked three but kept the ball in the yard, that paid off for the big righty. 6-3 final at home, Cubs come in for three tomorrow.




Zo said...

Parker has played great since his return. That is too small a sample size from which to draw any conclusions at all, but I will say that his power, the ability to go way out of the ballpark, is something that the Giants have just not had this year.

SIR said...

Didn't Matt Cain pitch yesterday?? I know he's not a starter anymore but he still is Matt Cain and he did pitch - so where's the news?

M.C. O'Connor said...

He did indeed. He somehow managed to keep the Giants in the game! Four hits and a walk in 3 IP but NO runs allowed. That game was too discouraging to write about. Moore is lost out there. He can't seem to keep anything going consistently.

nomisnala said...

Moore throws harder than Bumgarner and has as much raw stuff, only thing is, half the time, especially from the stretch, Moore has no idea where his pitches are going.