Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ty Blach Hit a Home Run!

I thought I might wait until tomorrow, as Ty and Madison are now pitching back to back.  But this deserves mention.  Ty Blach, one of the Giants better-hitting pitchers, if not the best hitting pitcher (that includes Madison) hit his first home run, a 3 run blast in the 5th inning.  A bunch of other people scored, too.  Ty gave us 8 quality innings.  The Giants went on to beat the Athletics, 11 - 2.

The Giants split the "series" with the A's, 2 - 2.  The Giants scored a lot of runs on 2 nights, and looked like the Giants of 2017 on the other 2.  By beating the 5th worst team in the major leagues twice, the Giants have climbed out of the cellar, they are now only the 2nd worst team.  Progress!  Tune in tomorrow to see Madison Bumgarner swing for the fences.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Great game! I'm getting really excited about Blach in the rotation next season. With a healthy Cueto and a full year from Bum things could be looking up.

Zo said...

Some note about Matt Cain from Baggarly in the SJ Mercury, Aug 3: Matt Cain has started 328 games for the Giants, trailing only Juan Marichal (446) for the SF era. Matt has thrown 2067 innings, ranking third behind Marichal (3444) and Gaylord Perry (2294 2/3). Matt's 1679 strikeouts trail only Marichal (2281) and Tim Lincecum (1704). Shows what longevity can do for you - I had no idea he was up there on K's. I would have thought Jason Schmidt - but he trails Perry and Madison Bumgarner.

M.C. O'Connor said...

From Baggs:

"In addition to Conor Gillaspie, the hero of last October’s NL Wild Card Game, Bochy had to deliver bad news to two other veterans. He said right-hander Matt Cain would be out of the rotation and would serve as a long reliever for the remainder of the season. And he acknowledged that his chat with Denard Span on Monday involved telling the career center fielder to brace for a move to left field.

The move with Span might not take place in earnest until spring training, Bochy said. The move with Cain is more immediate. Right-hander Chris Stratton will start in place of Cain on Saturday against the Arizona Diamondbacks and the plan calls for him to remain in the rotation for the rest of the season."

nomisnala said...

probably would have shutout the dbacks if they didn't pitch to red hot goldschmidt. giants need to hit. another loss for bumgarner.