Monday, August 4, 2008

6.2 5 1 1 5 6

30 batters faced, 108 pitches. It was the walks that did him in. I thought he'd finish the 7th, but he seemed to "lose it" and could not get the 3rd out. Special Agent Jack came through big time to get McCann. MC walked the first batter of the game! Otherwise, he handled the Braves with veteran skill, getting 10 outs on 9 ground balls (one was a DP). I like to see them hit it on the ground. I think that will be the key to MC's long-term ML success.

According to the Gameday pitch-by-pitch, Matt used a little of everything to induce grounders:

Fastball (Escobar) 1st, DP
Slider (Francouer), 2nd
Curveball (pitcher), 2nd
Fastball (Escobar), 3rd
Changeup (Kotsay), 4th
Changeup (Johnson), 4th
Slider (Escobar!), 5th
Changeup (Kotsay), 6th
Curveball (McCann), 6th

Note the lack of a groundball out in the 7th, the inning Cain was unable to finish. I wonder if he was tiring and could not keep the ball down. The Braves did not have Chipper, which certainly helped. But holding them to two runs was damn impressive nonetheless. It is certainly long overdue that the team stepped up to win one for The Big Fella.

7-9, 3.60


JC Parsons said...

I got to see the whole game on TV ( a rarity!) so I sure got a good look at MC. It seemed like Matt was mixing his pitches more than usual. Your pitch info seems to back that up. I wasn't sure if that was because Holm was calling the game or if Matt was searching for his control. I tend to think it was the latter. You are kind of tough on Matt - "the walks that did him in" - since he didn't let anyone past second til the 6th and wasn't threatened til the 7th. It wasn't a dominating performance, but I agree it hints of a future successful pattern.
Hey, maybe Matt will having a winning month?? Isn't it sad that he never has had one?

I leave for the City and TWO games in just a few minutes!!! I get to see TIM on Wednesday!!! Man am I stoked. Nothing like taking a two year break to wet the appetite.

Speaking of which...What should I eat???

M.C. O'Connor said...

I would "whet" my appetite with a pre-game Anchor Steam at the Chophouse bar. Then a nice long stroll to get a cha-cha bowl, of course.

During the game, a bag of popcorn and a Lagunitas IPA.

After the game, stroll up to 21st Amendment for a meal and a some fresh brew--they have a primo stout among their many fine choices.

After that, you're on your own.

JC Parsons said...

Had the chacha and the Anchor, but obviously that is where I leave the real drinking to pros like yourself.
I haven't decided what is on today's menu...