Sunday, August 10, 2008

The "Bleeding Eyes Photo Exhibit" continues...

Back by Popular Demand!!! The third installment of digital shenanigans by yours truly. This one DOES NOT contain a single shot of Tim Lincecum ( "Since 1956, Tim Lincecum is having the best season of any young Giants pitcher, ever. - a quote from a must read BCB entry about Tim ).

First Row: Classic (corny) shot from Land's End: My sweetie (no, not the squirrel) under Sather Gate (Go Bears!)

Second Row: Zo and Akemi enjoy a cool display in the dugout store; 7th inning stretch view

Third Row: Nice pieces of stone...where does BLB's go?

Look for the next installment soon, back to Tim and the boys!!


Brother Bob said...

I can never get enough of Juan Marichal's crotch.

LJJR said...

The photos are great. Living in So. Cal. I miss “The City”, the cool breeze of the bay, and most of all the ball park.