Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Slide Show Time!

Most families have that one annoying member that always has a camera. Everything is documented, especially if any exotic locations and/or human larvae (what I call infants) are involved. Not only is there the constant posing and worrying about being "caught"with your finger up your nose, but then later you have to sit through all the damn pictures. In my youth, this meant a real projected slide show (yes, kids, they used to make actual things called slides...they are square and...hell, go look it up!). Nothing is quite as painful as a few hours of random visuals of someone else's adventure in a place you would never want to visit (I, of course, am NOT talking about ANYONE in my family!).

So, think of me as your annoying Aunt Flo, check that, think of me as your annoying Uncle Mo. The one with too many pictures. Except the exotic location is Mays Field; the larvae are our young beloved Giants; and you can view these photos on your nice computer monitor instead of a sheet pinned to the wall. Enjoy...and have something to eat, you look thin.

TODAY'S SUBJECT: more Tim! And if I don't get nice comments I will continue with more Tim photos until your eyes bleed!

(Even I realize that including a picture of Tim at bat is pretty silly, but hey! at least he fouled it off!!) I've got a lot more to come!


M.C. O'Connor said...


Gosh, Uncle Mo, those are the GREATEST PHOTOS EVER TAKEN!!!!!

Brother Bob said...

No nice comments from me. I want those bleeding eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey JC Parsons, can you send that slide show of lincecum's stretches that you have seen him do to.