Monday, August 4, 2008

Salute to Old Pitchers Week

It seems no one is eager to proclaim about the Correia loss, so I'll chime in with a couple of random thoughts:
On 2 consecutive Sundays the Gs have been humbled by geezer pitchers, both well past their awesome primes, R. Johnson and G. Maddux. We made them look like HOFers for sure.
But we do that for a lot of pitchers. Who was that nobody who had a CG on us the other day? Who cares?
I suppose something must be said about the new long-haired Dogger. How about this? Fuck him.
I suppose the Snakes now have to try harder. It looks like they're doing just that, so the NL West may emerge in the end with a tad more respectabilty. Again, who cares?
I hope the Cubs win the whole thing, then the Indians get to end their jinx, and then it's our turn.


JC Parsons said...

Did anyone else notice that I mentioned the robot boredom of Maddux just a day before he did it to us again???

I think that Manny in LA may end up being good for us in the long run. He may help them contend this year, but I don't see them getting past a first round. That guy is crazy disruptive and I am almost positive he (and Boras) is just doing this to get one more free agent contract. Hard to believe $20 million wasn't enough. So the scum get a free rental without giving up anything but I really doubt Manny stays in the NL West next year. Once he figures out his HRs will drop by 25-40%, I bet he goes back east. I predict he will be a Yankee next year. Yech.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, Maddux is robot-like against US, esp. in the last few years. Otherwise he is a mortal 6-inning pitcher. Still good, but nothing like the dominating force he was in his Braves heyday.

I like Manny--I feel much that is written about him is just recycled Bonds crap. "Disruption" is media code word for "not acting white enough." How disruptive was he when he was World Series MVP? Gimme a break. Check out his 1999-2004 numbers: OPS over 1000 every year. He is the only other hitter in the game who had a Bonds-like presence at the plate (a fraction of BLB to be sure, but above all the rest). Manny is a difference-maker, he gives their lineup real punch.

The Doggs are pulling a Colletti, which he learned from Sabes. They want to win it all now and will happily give up the future to do it. In that sense, I agree, LA getting Manny helps us in the long run. Colletti will continue to spend bug bucks and trade away youth (I hope).

JC Parsons said...

You must admit Manny is being "disruptive" to the Red Sox right now...