Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sanchez on 15 Day DL

Is something truly wrong with our promising young lefty starter, or is the team using some ordinary soreness as an excuse to "shut him down" for the season? Inquiring minds want to know.
One thing is for certain, Matt Palmer is a long way from being a good ML pitcher. What a crappy debut! He couldn't retire the last 7 batters he faced.
Oh well, there's nowhere to go for him but to get better. Couldn't possibly get worse.
Sandoval got 3 hits, but with the bases loaded in the 9th he swung at the first pitch and hit into an easy DP to end the game. A little disappointing, but the game was a lost cause anyway.
So clearly Pablo is our 1st baseman of the future, what with Buster being the catcher o.t.f. The next question is, when will Angel, our 3rd baseman o.t.f. be ready to jump to the bigs?

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M.C. O'Connor said...

Sanchez has very little professional experience. 252 IP in the minors, 227 in the majors. Before this year's 135 IP, the most he'd ever done in one season was 125 IP. He never pitched more than 100 IP in a season in college. Injury, fatigue, over-use, whatever we call it, it does not surprise me at all. He was mostly a reliever before this year. I'm OK with him being shut down for the rest of the year. He can come back strong for next year.