Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sanchez start = Giants loss

Cain can't beat the Doggers; Sanchez can't beat anybody. Seven straight starts have resulted in team losses. He wasn't bad last night, but once again the Gs offense came up short.
Sanchez's collapse can be traced directly to the day some moronic blogger declared him to be an Ace, worthy to stand with Lincecum as an equal, better than Cain. That blogger should be horsewhipped. Didn't he realize words have consequences?


M.C. O'Connor said...

Of COURSE he realized it. He was simply PREPARED for the consequences.

Wins and Losses are irrelevant. Sanchez going 7 and giving up 2 is a GREAT start. What we should care about is JS doing that consistently. The W's will come when we have an offense. (That could be a while.)

Brother Bob said...

BTW, that moronic blogger was yours truly, RMC 6/30/08. In case anyone thought I was was an insane sadist.