Thursday, April 9, 2009


7 4 1 1 2 5

Matt Cain was "Da Man" tonight with a sterling performance, 90 pitches, 61 strikes, and a fookin' CURVEBALL that had a studly Brewers lineup bewitched and befuddled. My main man Mississippi Fred Lewis was PERFECT with 3 hits and a walk in 4 plate appearances. Lots of hitting for the bhoyos tonight, as M.C. enjoyed the very rare experience of RUN SUPPORT.

My lovely bride and I spent the day in the yard, schlepping dirt from one corner to another, me on the shovel and wheelbarrow, strip-mining chunks of State of Jefferson hardpan, she with rake and surveyor's eye, sculpting the gunky clay into graceful slopes, all in an effort to defeat the desert flash floods that pass for rain in this here landscape. Vox clamatis in deserto, O My Brothers, vox clamatis in deserto.

So, we seeketh the Balm of Gilead after our travails, and we hoof northeast-wise across our weird little burg to our little sanctuary, the Pub. Now Dave the Barman likes the Giants, and he knows we like the Giants, but for the life of him he can't find it on the tube. My Lovely Bride takes over, and station 696 comes to life on a plasma screen not six feet from my barstooled-frame, and I immediately ordered pints of Mossback IPA. It was game time!

I got to see every pitch and every player, and have Dave the Barman's laptop at my disposal for GameDay. Thanks, Dave. GameDay had a slower gun--pitch f/x said 92 when the ballpark said 95. Impressions? I just can't get enough of Mississippi Fred. Go, baby go. Make beautiful music! No Ishikawa. Bad, Bonehead, bad. Ishikawa only sits if he plays his way out of the lineup. The Codger Brigade was great, but I'm not interested. A great win, marred only by the horrid event: Joe Martinez struck on the head by a line drive from Mike Cameron. He appeared OK, despite the terrifying blow. Can you imagine how scary that must be? I hope he really is OK, there was nothing new on the Giants website, I'll try again and update the post.

Matt Cain rocks.

update: It is 2134 PDT, and I've found nothing new about Joe Martinez. I guess we'll find out in the morning.

update (Fri a.m.): Henry Schulman reports in today's SFGate that the Martinez news so far is encouraging.

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Bob said...

I'm very concerned about Martinez. It may be a few days before we know how serious it is. (See Richardson, Natasha) Swelling in the brain can sneak up on you. Let's assume he's getting state of the art care.
On the happy side, maybe Pablo will only USUALLY get two hits per game.