Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chasin' the Crockies

Colorado is pounding out a .782 team OPS, just behind Philadelphia for 2nd place in the NL--no surprise there. What's working for them is pitching: they are 8th in the league in runs allowed and 9th in ERA. FanGraphs (required reading for RMCers) will sort teams by FIP. Guess who is number one? The Atlanta Braves at 3.66. The Giants are 2nd at 3.77, LA 3rd at 3.87, and the Crockies in 4th place at 3.92. The 5th place Cardinals are the only other team under 4.00 in the NL. If you check team (pitching) WAR, the Rockies and Braves are 1-2 (Giants 3rd). We are currently getting our butts kicked by a good ballclub. And we will be facing another good ballclub right after that. Good thing we have The Franchise throwing tonight--we need a win. Don't overlook Jair Jurrjens, the Braves starter. He's a fine young player, just 23, and his FIP and ERA are in Matt Cain territory.

I sure liked it better when the Crockies were looking up at us.

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Brother Bob said...

Hi chums. My computer died, not my love of the Giants.
I'm not overly concerned about the recent losses. Call it a reality check. We're just not that good. As long as Tim and Matt stay well. Sanchez's followup to his masterpiece was adequate.
I wish we could just replace Rowand altogether. These damn long contracts screw everything up. That is until we sign Tim to one.