Sunday, July 5, 2009

Contentious Tim

HAPPY TIM-dependence DAY!!!
Tim Lincecum has made us a CONTENDER.

There I said it. Some will scoff, some will agree. Many will say it is too soon. And guess what...we are all right. I actually don't care very much...not yet anyway. I have little doubt that the next few years look bright indeed. This year is pure gravy. All I know is that the San Francisco Giants look unbeatable with Tim on the mound.

Sporting hideous red caps, the Giants continued their remarkable abuse of the Houston Astros with another lopsided shutout, 9-0. The Franchise added seven more innings to his consecutive scoreless streak of 23! ( Last year the best he did was 16. ) Getting very close to Nenn's record of 25+. Timmy struckout nine while walking two. He gave up a double among the 3 hits, continuing to destroy slugging % around the league. This is another pretty good hitting team too. Tim also continued a current trend of impacting the game off the mound as well, this time with two walks leading to 2 runs scored. Jeebus this kid can play!

What more can be said? As Giants fans we know when a player has gone to a new level, Barry showed us that. And we all know how fleeting it can be. Almost like a wonderful fireworks show. Be sure to enjoy what Tim is giving us. Wake up the kids, call the neighbors.
Even if we aren't contenders, we are worth watching!


alouredux said...

My first Giants game: 4-2 win in Philadelphia, May 1964.

Gil Garrido, ss
Harvey Keunn, lf
Willie Mays, cf
Orlando Cepeda, 1b
JIm Ray Hart, 3b
JIm Davenport, 2b
Jesus Alou, rf
Tom Haller, c
Jack Sanford, p

alouredux said...

Haller's home run went into the base of the on-field light tower at Connie Mack Stadium. Like the ball, the Phillies would go down the tube that September.

My first (only) GIants' game in San Francisco, 3-0 over Bochy's Padres:

Randy Winn, cf
Omar VIzquel, ss
Shea HIllenbrand, 1b
Barry Bonds, lf
Leon Durham, 2b
Moises Alou, rf
Pedro Feliz, 3b
Elizier Alfonzo, c
Matt Cain, p (6 IP, 1 H)

tubesox said...

Hideous red caps, indeed . . . unless you're a bean counter for the Giants or MLB marketing.