Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Giants are the NL story

Yes, we are. Exceeding expectations and all that. Here's another take on our improbable season:

Great News, I Was Wrong by Steve Treder (in The Hardball Times)

The Freak Show tonight on Fox at 1700 PDT--don't miss it!

(Barry-O is throwin' out the first pitch.)


Bob said...

I've decided who the Giants should trade for- Ian Kinsler of the Rangers. A young 2nd baseman-leadoff hitter. And a bonus- he's Jewish! (well I think that's cool.)I have no idea what the Rangers might want in return. They are contending this year and would probably want some major talent for one of their best players. Give them Uribe and Sanchez.

JC Parsons said...

"Barry-O" ??

What? Are you guys on a first name basis? Seems kinda informal for the POTUS. Needless to say I'm terrified he'll bounce one in or worse. One thing bush did well was 1st pitches. Perhaps, President Barack Hussein Obama should stick to 3 pointers.

M.C. O'Connor said...

My esteemed madre referred to the previous presidente as "Georgie-porgie-puddin'-&-pie." I think "Barry-O" is a bit more flattering.

Ron said...

This is the strangest string of blog posts yet ... Bob craving a Jewish second baseman & willing to trade his favorite player to get him ... Jon criticizing Mark's use of the name 'Barry-O', while using the bizarrly obscure abbreviation, POTUS ... Mark mixing Spanglish & British poetry. What is RMC coming to? Luckily, it's the All-Star break, so a couple of days to recharge.

PS - Do NOT trade any starting pitchers, even for a Jewish 2B.