Thursday, July 9, 2009

TENacious Tim

1. Tim's scoreless streak came to an end at 29 innings, but he pitched well enough to notch his tenth victory, 9-3 against the pudres.

2. 6.2 innings, of which the first 6 were NO HIT.

3. Eight strikeouts, 3 hits, 4 walks, 3 earned runs.

4. A terrible throw by Nate and a bases loaded walk by Romo definitely contributed to a run scored to Tim, but his ERA is 2.33 so I guess I won't whine too much.

5. Bowkermania on hold: looked really bad his first time up....3 pitches, sit down.

6. Uribe sure hit the ball hard a couple times. I doubt Frandsen will get much more time.

7. Its a shame that Pablo didn't get voted in. Isn't there a chance he will still get picked? Maybe somebody bows out?

8. Affeldt is a machine.

9. We have now won the first game of a home series 14 out of 16 times (I think).

10. Tim Lincecum's next start better be TUESDAY! Baseball deserves him. I say let him go 3 innings...then Matt can go two!


M.C. O'Connor said...

I think we saw last night that Tim is actually human. Once Gwynn broke up the no-hitter Tim seemed to lose his composure (and the strike zone). Can't blame him for thinking about the zeroes, we all were.

Pretty cool having two X-men on the squad.

alouredux said...

As a new listener to KNBR via the Net, it was a little jarring to hear how hard Jon Miller was on Bowker for his base running gaffe. Not nasty, but scolding nonetheless. I remember Jon from his Orioles days, and he didn't have that edge in his voice even during the 0-21 beginning of the 1988 Orioles. (He also cited Lincecum for not backing up home, chuckling that it had been so long since anyone sacored on him that he forgot.)

Bob said...

I think they have to select Tim as All Star starter, and that makes me nervous. I was tempted to research a piece on the history of how badly Giants pitchers have done as AS starters but that would surely constitute a jinx, and I like to write about what y'all probably DON'T know.
I can't get used to having one of the best pitchers in the world on our staff. He's awesome game after game after game. My standard impending sense of doom has been put on hold.

Zo said...

I guess you had it pretty bad as a kid, to live with the uncertainty and fear just because Juan Marichal was a Giant.

Bowker did not look good last night, although he coaxed a walk. He could have scored in the inning when he did not take third. Maybe he just had the yips, maybe he is at best an AAAA player.

Mr. Alouredux,
I have friends back east who think that letting Jon Miller get away was one of the worst mistakes the O's have made. I was at Frank Robinson's first game as a manager at Memorial Park when the O's were 0-6. I have yet to hear Jon's legendary Japanese Vin Scully, though.

alouredux said...


I was in Morgantown, WV, when I saw the front page of The Baltimore Sun announcing Miller's firing. The bizarre thing was that his call of the Jeffrey Maier "home run" that helped the Yankees win the 1996 ALCS was as outraged as anyone had a right to expect.
No, I haven't heard the Japanese Vin Scully either, but when he came out of a station break channeling Phil Rizzuto, I switched stations to hear...Phil Rizzuto?

I was at Opening Day of the 0-21 season. I knew we were in trouble when left fielder Jeff Stone's throw home on a sacrifice fly came in on one hop.
To the third baseman.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Miller's a brilliant announcer, but over the years he's become increasingly full of himself. Good thing he's still funny. Often he goes off on tangents, usually entertaining, but not always germane to the action. I know we are lucky to have him, but I have to say I miss laconic Lon Simmons. Even Hank Greenwald, who was very good, was too talkative by half compared to Simmons.