Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two outta three ain't bad

Matt Cain was popping 95 mph on the stadium gun in the 6th inning on Monday night. Gameday says he peaked there at 94, but who's quibbling? It wasn't subtle, it was plain ol' country hardball. Big Sugar finally got Big X and I was there to see it. We sat in section 112, lower box: home plate at twelve o'clock behind the screen, the pitcher's mound at one o'clock in clear view. I got to see The Tennessee Stud up close and personal and I gots to say I loves me some Matt Cain. I loves me them big, tall, black socks and the squared up stance and the way he holds the glove in front of his face just like they showed you in little league. And I loves me that snap, crackle, and pop when M.C.'s cheese hits leather. I had a moment of rage at Ol' Boch for yanking him in the 7th with 2 outs, but the crew here at RMC knows that Jeremy Affeldt is the best pickup of the year, and he barely broke a sweat swatting the Piscine Nine around for a handful of outs. Wilson gave us a taste of old Nen in the 9th, but it hardly made a dent in the joyous tenor of the evening. PABLO SANDOVAL HIT A GRAND SLAM!!! If that doesn't put zinc in your dink you're dead already.

The next night we enjoyed the low-brow nuttiness of the LF bleachers, section 138, only two rows from the fence. Nothing compares to the alcoholic anarchy of the 'Stick's sunswept seats back in the day, but it was great to have a lively, full-throated bunch around. There were mellow families and dignified oldsters sprinkled in amongst the over-eager youth brigades, and the result was a great night of baseball viewing. BZ was at his best, snapping off 77 mph hooks and spotting a lively fastball on the outside corner, keeping the Fish at bay. He pitched into the 9th! We had a productive out festival in the 4th (Winn 2B, Pablo SF, Bengie SF-RBI) before Uribe's 2-run jack put it out of reach. Yeah, 3-0 was "out of reach" with Zito on the hill, can you believe it? Got to see Sergio do his funkified thang, 10 pitches and 2 Ks. We are all Romosexuals!

Despite the weak effort today, we had a great series. Miller and Flemm brought us the game on KNBR during the long drive home. Radio baseball is still the best way to chew up road miles. We had a lovely stay in Castle Granville with Lord Z & Lady A, soaking up the San Francisco scene. We got bridges, fog, steep hills, Anchor Steam, trolley rides**, and a full moon over Mt. Davidson. The Giants are the second-best team in the toughest division in the NL. Life's good, eh?

**The Muni highlight was Monday, when a drunk Canadian tourist, showing off for his girlfriend, hollered at the packed streetcar "tell me when we get to 2nd Street!!" We didn't have the heart to tell him he'd started his ride at the corner of 2nd and King, and he went on to moan "I need a pub!!" My sharp-eyed bride spotted Gordon Biersch in neoned yellow just across the way and hollered back, encouraging him to exit at the next stop. The rest of the train, seeing the wisdom of the advice, jumped on that with a collective cheer. They seemed happy to leave and we went on our merry post-game way.


alouredux said...

East Coast tourist question: Is Anchor Steam the unofficial Giants beer, like Samuel Adams for the Bosox? (Was Hamm's only a Seals Stadium-era sponsor?)

I used to have an A's program with a Burgemeister ad; was it considered an East Bay brewery?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Nothing "official" about Anchor Steam, but it IS a uniquely SF product (and my fave brew).

Falstaff was an SF brand, and both Burgie and Hamm's sponsored the G-men at one point when I was a wee lad. Alas, it's all Budweiser and Coors Light these days.

Bob said...

Mmm, beer...
Thanks for the well-written first hand account. I'm happy that you got to be at two nice wins. Zito even did well for you, unlike the crap J&R had to endure.
Apparently all the juice was sucked out of the team before Wednesday and the Big Sadowski ran out of miracles and proved he's mortal. He now has a nice tidy ERA of 1.00.
Frandsen remains clueless as a major leaguer and is hitting .063. When are we going to stop pretending he's the future 2nd baseman?

JC Parsons said...

Is there really suppose to be zinc in your dink?

Sounds like your trip to the ballpark was even better than ours, but we did share one thing: PABLO IS A GOD !!!!

Glad to have you home, MOC!