Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking camp

"We have a real good idea where we are [with the 25]. We've talked among ourselves," said Bochy. "We'll huddle again in San Francisco. These decisions are always difficult, and we have some guys who will be disappointed, because they're in that group who had good springs."

Uh, OK. That means Buster, right? They are certainly going to keep Bowker on the roster, he's hit too well in his 78 plate appearances to ignore. Small sample size, my arse! He's a force! He's a beast! He's the starter! Darren Ford, Roger Kieschnick, and Matt Downs "had good springs" but I don't think anyone seriously considered spots for them on the 25-man roster. I think Torres will stick--I hope so, I like his glove and speed out there patrolling "the greensward" in the late innings. So, who's the elephant in the room? Who had a fair showing in Arizona but will still get the axe? I'm thinking it's Fred Lewis. His .845 OPS isn't earth-shattering, it's rather Fred-like, really, very Lewisian when all is said and done. If "Freddie's Dead" then there must be a spot for Mr. .264/.305/.396 Eugenio Velez. In 7 seasons and almost 500 minor-league games, Sr. Velez was good for a .792 OPS (.295/.342/.450). He'd be damn near the best player on our team not named Sandoval if he could do that in majors. I suspect Ol' Boch likes his "versatility." Last year he played 14 innings in RF, 65-1/3 in CF, 215-2/3 at 2B, and  288-2/3 in LF. He does possess some seriously freakish speed, and I just know Ol' Boch is going to bunt, hit-and-run, run-and-hit, bunt-and-run, run-and-bunt, steal, double-steal, fake steal, fake-bunt, and fake-bunt-and-hit like Roger Craig on crack. Krukow loves "the butcher play" so I imagine I'll hear a lot of gushing from the Kruk-ster about it this season.

Any thoughts on the 25, mates?



Anonymous said...

I really, REALLY liked the reference to the Curtis Mayfield song. Oh, and you know how Matt Cain was a bit lucky last year, well Torres was like UBER lucky (see fangraphs). Still, he's got plenty of speed, fielding, and "professional hitter" prowess which should allow him a spot on the roster.

Zo said...

Buster Posey will not be a San Francisco Giant on opening day. This has been crystal clear for at least two years, although we may have been in denial. Unfortunately, Eugenio Velez will be a San Francisco Giant, probably at the expense of a superior player. Probably Fred Lewis, who will probably not be a Giant at all when finished being injured.