Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just the facts, man

Colorado (.806) is second to Milwaukee (.831) in the NL in OPS. The Giants are fifth (.773), just ahead of Philadelphia (.770). Third and fourth place go to Arizona (.805) and Los Angeles (.784).

Colorado (.351) is third in the league in wOBA, behind Milwaukee (.370) and Arizona (.354). The Giants are fifth (.339), tied with Philadelphia. Los Angeles (.344) is fourth.

Colorado (119) is second in runs scored, behind Milwaukee (126). The Giants are eighth (96), tied with the Cubs and Mets. Arizona (116), Philadelphia (114), Los Angeles (111), Florida (106), and Cincinnati (99) are in between.

The Rockies (1.38) are eighth in WHIP. The Giants (1.15) are first, followed by the Cardinals (1.17), Cubs (1.23), Padres (1.24), Braves (1.34), Astros (1.35), and Marlins (1.35).

The Rockies (3.83) are seventh in FIP. The Giants are second (3.45), behind the Cardinals (3.37). The Cubs (3.59), Astros (3.94), Mets (3.81), and Padres (3.85) fill in the gaps.

The Rockies (90) are sixth in runs allowed. The Giants are first (63). The Cardinals (66), Mets (72), Padres (77), and Cubs (89) are second through fifth.

The Colorado Rockies are 11-11, underperforming their projection (14-8) by three games, while the San Francisco Giants are 12-9, underperforming their projection (14-7) by two games.

The home team will send out Barry Zito, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez against the injury-depleted visitors (Jorge de la Rosa and Jason Hammel are on the DL), who'll counter with Aaron Cook, a TBA (rookie Esmil Rogers?), and rookie Jhoulys Chacin.



Kevin O'Brien said...

A pretty good opportunity for the Giants this weekend. At home, and avoiding De la Rosa, who has given the Giants fits (so has Cook, but it's easier when it's only one rather than two).

I think the Giants will be motivated this series. They should have swept the Phillies had it not been for a tremendous amount of bad luck (e.g. Eugenio Velez). With the Rockies up and down and coming to AT&T, I think the Giants will send a big statement this series.

(Just crossed my fingers, tossed salt over my left shoulder and knocked on wood)

M.C. O'Connor said...

Agreed--this is a "kick 'em when they're down" moment. The Crockies are short of starters and we aren't. Let's take it to 'em.

Anonymous said...

Let's Paper some Rocks, NJ Style!