Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smokin' Tim

The Giants started their 128th season, 53rd in San Francisco, with one of their all time greatest stars leading the way. Tim Lincecum executed seven scoreless innings, giving up 4 singles (one crushed off the wall) and no walks, while collecting seven strikeouts. His 98 pitch effort featured a change-up in midseason form that was in a perfect counterbalance to a 95 - 92 MPH fastball. There were three or four different times that people swung and missed BY A LOT! I'm talking 6 - 10 inches. Poor Hunter Pence, a really good young star, looked like a doe in the headlights. Their feeble catcher, some stiff named Towles, was so clearly praying for a walk it was shameful. Only Carlos Lee looked like he was getting some good rips at Tim. So what does The Freak do? Late in the game, Tim breaks off a 2-0 SLIDER (!!!!) that handcuffs Lee into a weak foul out. After the game, Tim implied that many of his change-ups were actually sliders, apparently the speed is the same. Can you imagine the fun we will be having this year if young Mr. Lincecum has a "new" pitch? Be still my heart.

From JC Parsons and M.C. O'Connor, of Raising Matt Cain:


Smoke 'Em, If You Got 'Em


M.C. O'Connor said...

That's a glass of MY HOMEBREW by the way. Yummy!

And did you see THIS HIGHLIGHT of Mark Buehrle's impossible play?

Bob said...

I got to watch the whole game, although I spent the last few innings flipping back and forth to the Duke-Butler game.
Timmy was wonderful. I think the best part was giving up no walks. Two hits each from Renteria, Molina and Uribe. Romo sprinting off the mound after out #2 was priceless. Oops!

Zo said...

Totally agree with your second paragraph, have no idea what you are talking about in the first one. Flipping off some duke's butler???? WTF?

Chris said...

That homebrew looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lincecum's my favorite pitcher after Greinke ('cause I love the Royals)....he will be amazing if he added a new pitch. Maybe it'll help him to a sub-2.00 ERA.