Monday, April 5, 2010

That's the formula

Tim Lincecum throws crisp shutout ball and our veterans exude savvy clutchness and the Giants come up winners. They are already starting to talk about 162-0, me buckos. Why can't every game be like this one? OK, I could go without the Medders hiccup, or Leadoff Man's 0-5, but otherwise there was a hell of a lot to like. Lincecum was dominating, again. Seven strikeouts, including the last two batters, zero walks, only 98 pitches to get 21 outs. Filthy, filthy, filthy. Rejuvenated Renteria served noticed with some nice strokes at the plate. Mark "Dingerz" DeRosa won the all-rounder award by getting on base, scoring runs, and making plays. Bengie "6-hole" Molina cracked a low one from Oswalt to get the scoring started, silencing his critics on the blog pages with exemplary gamerissitude and pitch-calling. Hell, I'm not even giving Tim credit for this. This one is all Bengie and his knowledge of pitching. TEN hits, FIVE runs. We got 10 hits! And 5 runs! If we do that every night we will win the West easily. And for all the talk about our fielding, we got some nifty putouts by Rowand and Sandoval, and Renteria and Ishikawa just missed throwing Carlos Lee out to start the 9th on a ball deep in the hole. The replay looked like Ishikawa missed what seemed like a not-too-difficult chance. For him, that is. Anybody get a read on that play?

Great night of baseball! Let's keep it rolling!



Anonymous said...

It was beautiful. My first live regular season game as a fan. Everything I could have ever asked for happened. Though I have a feeling Medders will be my scapegoat for the season. Timmy and Edgar were amazing. I'm definitely keeping his jersey card. Oh and welcome back.

Anonymous said...

*Magical (let the Mets have their amazin')

GrizzliesRich said...

I completely agree! Lincecum looked dominating, and that's a great relief. I'm keeping an eye on Rowand at leadoff. Lifetime OBP of .339 is not leadoff material. What a great start for the Giants though.