Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walks and Homers

I've been thinking a lot about walks and homers. Furcal walked ahead of Kemp's homer in the 1st last night. Padilla and Kemp walked ahead of Ethier's slam in the 2nd. Blake and DeWitt (yes, that's two guys) walked to load the bases and force in a run in the 5th. In the top of that inning, when the Giants got something going, the biggest moment for me was the 10-pitch walk by Nate Schierholtz pinch-hitting for Wellemeyer. It looked like we might get a bigger rally going at that point, but after the Rowand HBP to load the bases Velez got doubled off first when Renteria lined out. Ishikawa walked ahead of Velez' homer in the 9th.

You want to win, get walks and homers. And keep the other guy from getting walks and homers.

Go Giants! Kick some ass today!



Slim said...

Two words: no duh dipshit.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Uh, that's three.

We try to avoid calling each other "dipshit" around here.