Sunday, April 11, 2010

Youth! Veteran Savvy Clutchness! Oh, My!

Tim Lincecum (7 IP, 2 R, 10 K) and Pablo Sandoval (3-4, 2-run HR) provided the youth. Aubrey Huff (1-3, BB, 2 R) and Mark DeRosa (game-tying RBI) brought the veteran savvy clutchness. A nice play here by Eugenio Velez, big hits there by Aaron Rowand and Bengie Molina, and you got yourself a win against a good club to take the series. That was after a four-hour rain delay.

Keep on rollin', Giants, keep on rollin'!


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Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to think that this team is becoming the 90s Braves. Tim's our Maddux, Cain's our Smoltz, at this rate Maddy will be Glavine, Pablo is Sooo Chipper, etc.