Monday, August 23, 2010

One-eight goes eight!

The Giants found their bats against Edinson Volquez and the Cincinnati bullpen, pounding out 11 runs on 18 hits. Highlights included a 2-run HR for Torres, 3 hits including a double and a HR for Huff, 3 hits and 3 RBI for Sandoval, and 4 hits for FSanchez. Matt Cain, after laboring in the top of the 1st inning, found himself batting in the bottom of the 1st and ahead 5-0 in the top of the 2nd. I'm willing to bet that was the first time Cain had experienced that in his big-league career. Cain labored again in the top of the 3rd, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits, but then retired the next 16 hitters to shut down a potent Reds offense. It was vintage Matt, the kind we haven't seen in a few starts, with only 1 walk, 7 strikeouts, and 5 hits in 8 innings of work. He finished strong, striking out the side in the 7th, and getting the last out in the 8th on a nifty 3-2 breaking ball for a foul-tip strike three on his 120th pitch. It was good for a Game Score of 70, Cain's highest since he beat LA on the first of the month. He also got "W" no. 10, evening his record.

The Giants have been desperate for a big win, and they put it all together tonight at home with a sterling effort by their starter and a barrage of hits from the lineup. Even the FNG contributed a knock! The Padres were idle so the Giants gained a half-game with their 70th win. If you like to think of the season in terms of innings, like I do, that was the 126th game or 7/9 of the season. Seven 18-game innings have been played and only two remain. If the Giants play .556 ball in the final 36 they'll go 20-16 and finish 90-72. If we pitch and hit like tonight, that's a real possibility.

Jonathan Sanchez tomorrow. GO GIANTS!



Anonymous said...

HOPE! Go Giants!

Godis24 said...

Whoa! Did Ross bring injector cleaner with him, or were we just lucky to run into a guy who left his pitches up? Never-the-less, a night of batting practice is just what we needed, get the bats going, confidence level up. We're home and we're hungry, so let's keep it going when we see better pitching.

I don't know about you guys, but I have been looking forward to our 4 & 5 starters as we go through the rotation. Next to Posey and perhaps Torres, Bumgarner is the surprise of the year, a real stud with the desire to be better. Could it be our 4/5 guys that get us close enough to overtake the Puds on the last weekend of the season? Will Matty step up and be the guy down the stretch we need him to be? I think Zito will be there to get us 5 or 6 good innings. And now, the real question, let's get right down to it(other than whether Anony should wear his hat today, or if I should drink out of my Giants coffee mug, or if none of us should do anything different that we did yesterday!)Does Timmy need a freekin haircut?!! We don't need a freak show, we need a magic show! Lose the hair and grow a handlebar or something if you need to, but please find yourself over the next 5 weeks, for Willie's Sake!

Brother Bob said...

Edinson Volquez is wonderful example of why we should be quite content with Timmy despite his struggles. Two years ago this guy looked like a serious stud, then he needed "Tommy John" surgery, then some mystery doping suspension, and now apparently he sucks and can't get out of the first inning. You never know how a career is going to play out. (see also: Dontrell Willis)

Anonymous said...

I DID wear my hat today. May not wear it tomorrow though, gotta save some magic for later ya digg?

JC Parsons said...

@Godis24: Nice heckle. Is it OK if I use "Anony" (which just seems to fit) and "for Willie's Sake" (which goes so well with the moniker)? Also, the visual of Timmy with a handlebar is quite amusing.

@Bro: Good, albeit sobering, point. We are SO FORTUNATE not to have injury problems with the starters (knock on wood). Oh yeah........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Remember, I will always be younger than you. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Anony is fine by me.

Godis24 said...

Wow! Batting Practice continues! !6 runs in six innings! I feel some healing going on!

Anony can stick, though I think Ymous or Amos might work too!

Now, are we all gonna stay up to see how many runs they score, or do yah hit the sack with an 11 run lead? Enjoy it while it lasts mates!

Godis24 said...

PS- Have fun with this one Mark!