Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phillies thrash reeling Giants

The Giants only managed one run off Ubaldo Jimenez on the fourth of August. Since that time, they've scored a total of 41 runs in twelve games. That alone is pretty piss-poor. What's worse is they've given up 58 runs in the same stretch. The formula is "pitch well and hope the hitters do enough" around here, and when the first part is missing the second is damn near impossible. If you apply the Pythagorean wins** formula you get an expected record of 4-8 (.347 win pct.). The actual 5-7 record was the result of a hapless Cubs squad and a gift-wrapped come-from-behind win against the Braves that took 11 innings. In fact, three of the Giants five wins took 11 innings!

It's ugly out there. Let's hope they can get back on track behind Matt Cain tomorrow.




Anonymous said...

I was afraid of this. We did so well in July it was bound to come crashing down. The pitching's been bad, the fielding's been not as good, the hitting's been dreadful (I really get tired of us scoring early and then never again, though tonight Guillen actually managed to add a glimmer of hope before it all came crashing down). I haven't worn my Giants cap in a few days, I'll try that, I think that it has a pretty good overall record. Also, I've noticed that on a few occasions, falling asleep when we're losing and waking up in the morning when it's all over usually shows a good result. Just gotta do what you can. Go Giants!

Zo said...

Aubrey Huff, batting third, 5 hits in the last 10 games (39 ab).

Anonymous said...

I think they should switch him with Pat. See how that works out.

M.C. O'Connor said...


Huff's line for August (14 games).

The Giants are too weak offensively to deal with a drop-off like this from their big gun. Let's hope he red-discovers his July form (.367/.462/.694).

The Giants can't win if their starters fail to throw quality starts, either. That's been a real issue this month as well.

Godis24 said...

Sometimes I just don't understand what a manager is thinking as far as managing pitchers in a game. Most of the time I appreciate Bochy's quick hook. But yesterday Zito gave up two, sits for seven pitches, and heads out for the sixth inning with nobody warming up? Then Ray goes out to hold a close game, gets two guys on, and still no one in the pen? Go figure.
Huff is such a battler, he'll get it going. Still, the image of him watching what should have been a home run to beat the Padres may be one that capsallizes the season. We need to get at least one win from a hot Phils team. We'll find out what this team is really made of in the next five games. Come on Matty!!!

Zo said...

Huff also hit into 3 GIDP in the last 10, and you know how I feel about that (a player should have a hit subtracted from his BA). I don't mean to pick on the man, the team's failures are not his, but he has not been very productive of late. By the way, plenty of GIDP in the last 10 games. In addition to Huff's, at least 5 more.

Brother Bob said...

"The Giants have gone 13 games without a victory from the rotation; the starting pitchers are 0-8 with a 5.97 ERA over that span."-Baggarly

Zo said...

Yes, much gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair and rending of clothes over the "lack of victories from Giants' starters." About 16 stories today take this tack. Those louts, whatever can be done?????

13 games ago was the 10-0 thrashing of Colorado in Colorado. Since then, the Giants are 5-8. In our five victories, we have scored the go-ahead runs in 11th inning three times, in the 9th inning once and in the 8th inning once. Now, a 5.97 era means something, but this is mostly a non-story. Flem brought it up right after the game and I was disappointed in him for saying so. Kuip finally grounded the unsupervised rant by saying, "Or, the offense could score some runs." Pitchers do not get W's without some evidence of offensive support, so while 5.97 is not good, this is a story of failed offense, not failed starting pitching.