Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Winning Formula

Madison Bumgarner kept the ball down and pitched with grit, guile, and good defense, holding the Rockies to one run in six innings. His Game Score of 57 gives him three good outings in August to go with the three bad ones. You have to like the young buck bouncing back after an ugly whipping by the Reds. All hope seemed lost, though, when Jeremy Affeldt gave up the game-tying homer to Melvin Mora in the 8th. Another close game, another chance handed to the Rockies, I was most anxious. I could see the torture unfolding in extras with infield hits, weird bounces, misplays, bad calls, and worse karma. But Andres Torres took care of business with a bomb of his own, a sudden and exhilarating blast, and I was leaping off the couch and shouting. Then Rockies found out--if they didn't know already--that Buster Posey is the real deal. You just can't give that guy chances to hurt you because he will. Tonight he smoked a perfect off-field two-run double to put the game on ice, and the Giants went home winners. It was a must-win game. Getting swept by Colorado would have been a disaster. But the Giants prevailed as they salvage a final win in a dismal month. Let's hope September is kinder. At 73-60 they are four back of SD and one back in the Wild Card. With only 29 games left to play, it would take 17-12 (.586) to get 90 wins.
Tim Lincecum starts tomorrow. It wasn't too long ago that meant winning about 80% of the time. Somewhere in that mop of black hair the RealTim™ is lurking, and I can't believe he'll be hidden much longer. The pieces will fall into place again for The Freak and he'll be Franchising all over the place very soon.



p.s. How about MadBum's RBI double in the 5th? And Buster's awesome throw to nail Gonzalez in the 6th? Are these guys great or what?


Anonymous said...

Aaron Rowands AB in the 8th should show you why we should not feel bad about playing Torres. He took a down the middle of the plate fastball for strike 3, with an AB with the bases loaded and two outs. He swings at sliders 3 feet off the plate and on a full count with the bases loaded does not swing.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Aaron Rowand is still on the team?

Brother Bob said...

Alex Smith may never qualify as an "elite" quarterback, but I believe he's ready to establish himself as a reliable veteran leader, especially if Davis and Crabtree continue to develop as high-quality targets.

Zo said...

@ Bob -
Not sure I follow your thread. Perhaps you have this site confused with www.babblingaboutsomeotherdamnsport.com.

Zo said...

By the way, this is the reason I'm voting for Brown for governor.

Anonymous said...

A good game; I miss those. I think that Tim will do better in September (can't do much worse than August). Here's hoping for a Freak Show. Go Giants!

Anonymous said...

That series Oct 1st through Oct 3rd is about to get alot more important.