Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Not-About-The-Game Post

I've been listening to a lot of Dubstep this season. You might say that it's my personal theme music of the 2011 Giants. It is a very grinding, repetitive type of music; generally very enjoyable but sometimes hard to take. Definitely not for everyone, for example, I can almost guarantee that M.C. O'Connor, the #1 RMC author, would not be a big fan. Why, you may ask, this cultural digression?
The 2011 Giants have become a Dubstep Team, if that were possible. They are very modern, patch-work consolidations, driven by a high quality and relentless bassline. However, they tend to be rather repetitive, sometimes to the point of irritation. Can you see all those qualities in last night's loss to the Reds? Madison Bumgarner, although bringing his NINTH CONSECUTIVE QUALITY START, was once again vicitimized by his teammates' all-consuming need to make easy outs. Have we heard that song before? A very good bassline, betrayed by a flimsy "high end."
A couple other ridiculous comparisons (can you tell I don't want to talk about the game?):
* Dubstep will often throw a big profanity at you, out of the blue. (Makes it hard to play at your classroom desk.) It can be a bit shocking....kind of like Aubrey Huff swinging at crap in order to strand a runner at third...
* Bottom line: This shit is good. It will grind you down. It doesn't always work, but wait a minute and another version of basically the same thing will beat you tomorrow. Er, I mean "win you over" tomorrow.

Here's some examples of dubstep, in case you haven't had the pleasue yet:

"Kill Everybody" by DJ Skrillex
"Cockney Thug" by DJ Rusko (perfect for last night's game, explicit lyrics included)


Anonymous said...

Whoa! JC, I did not expect that. There's a dubstep remix of a Björk song that I like. Very nice post. You presented a good definition of dubstep-err-the 2011 Giants.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, I'm not much for that sort of thing. When I saw "dub" I thought you meant "level vibes/dancehall/rock steady" sort of dub, which I like quite a bit.

I think the Giants are a C & W song, as in: simple but engaging melody, straight ahead chord changes, predictable structure, and same old story over and over again. Figures--look at all the country boys and southerners on the club: MadBum, Cain, Posey, Fontentot, Whiteside, Belt, not to mention Tim Flannery.