Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feeble Offense Denies Quality MadBum

For the eighth straight time, Madison Bumgarner gave the Giants a quality start. That ties him with Tim Lincecum (8) and leaves him right behind Matt Cain (9) for the team lead. Sure is a pity that in Bizarro GiantsWorld, that kind of pitching excellence has little or nothing to do with winning. Ask Matt Cain. And now MadBum is getting his full education. Case in point: last night's loss to Colorado, 2-1, which drops us back to second in the division.
MadBum's great strength always seems to stem from his tremendous control. Last night he only had one walk to go against 6 strikeouts. He looked absolutely dominant early (game score 62)and was never really hit hard ( 7 hits, all singles). However, one more walk, specifically to Troy Tulowitzki with a base open, could have been the difference. Why on earth let that guy beat you? I really doubt he wanted to find SO MUCH of the plate, but with his type of control it is probably HARD TO THROW A BALL SOMETIMES. I bet money next time the same situation arises, MadBum will be ready. Well actually, I bet that Bochy calls for the intentional walk from the bench. But maybe the time after that.
Too bad it had to come down to such small stuff, but we all know that's how the Giants roll.

Something to look out for: FATIGUE. We are currently on the longest consecutive game stretch of the season (20, next off day June 13). Right now we are 5-6, but last night we sure looked like zombies.

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Brother Bob said...

MadBum has been getting a lot of the treatment that used to be Cain's specialty, ie. lousy run support. The last two games have been typical Giants games, after a pleasant outburst from the offense, back to normal.