Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If We Don't Make Some Moves (Soon), I Will Scream!

We moan & moan about the Giants' offense for very good reason. To put things in perspective, position by position, let's compare 2011 in mid-June to 2010 in mid-June:

C - Obviously, we are in much worse shape & are not inserting a recently-called up future Hall-of-Fame Catcher into our lineup. In fact, we are in worse shape than when we had B. Molina playing every day.

1B - With Huff under-performing, we are in worse shape.

2B - With F. Sanchez out, we are in worse shape.

3B - Sandoval is not doing much right now, & that really worries me. However, relative to last year, this one's about a toss-up.

SS - We are getting no offense out of this position - a few promising signs from Crawford, but not much lately. With Uribe/Renteria last year, we were in better shape.

OF - Burrell & Rowand are contributing virtually nothing. Torres is not doing much. Ross is solid, but I think that we pretty much know his ceiling - he has been fairly consistent throughout his career. Schierholtz has done well.

Bench - Nothing much happening there. Tejada gives us some punch, now that he's mostly a reserve.

Overall - We are quite a bit worse this year than last. Even if Huff starts to hit, the overall prognosis is not good.

Conclusion - We need to do something, even if it means giving up a prospect or 2. We need a C, a SS, & a left-handed utility OF. And, I don't think that we can wait until the end of July. We need to do something now.


M.C. O'Connor said...

I'd like to see some upgrades, too. But . . . who? Seriously: who is out there worth acquiring and for what cost?

Jonathan Sanchez is arb-eligible in 2012. He makes $4.8M this year and will likely get a raise. Tim Lincecum is also arb-eligible (he's at $14M right now). Matt Cain gets his pay doubled to $15M next year. The Giants can cut loose DeRosa, Ross, and Tejada and save $18.5M. Rowand is gone in 2013 which frees up $13M. But Sandoval, Vogelsong, Romo, Casilla, and Torres are also arb-eligible in 2012. MadBum goes to arb in 2013. Barry Zito will still be around (the Giants owe him $46M). If Vogelsong is "for real" and Zack Wheeler can get promoted (he's only 21 and at single-A) then there will be a squeeze in the rotation. In theory, you could trade Sanchez as a way to "make room" for one of those two and be able to pay Tim (he will certainly get at least as much as now and more than Cain).

So, let's say the Giants figure it the same way and decide to dangle Sanchez. What can we get for him? Jose Reyes will probably require Sanchez and someone like Crawford as well. Is that worth it? Reyes is a free agent after this season. He's a perfect fit, but probably not at that cost.

I don't know. I've been one of the biggest whiners about our "offense" and have screamed for upgrades as loud as anyone, but I don't like the calculus. I don't think you can get anything worthwhile for Jonathan Sanchez. He's infuriating, and possibly at his peak value, but he's part of a great staff and not immediately replaceable. Zito, when he returns, will likley not deliver as well as J.S. if he is indeed traded. That's a downgrade for a dubious upgrade.

I don't know. It pains me to say it but I think we have to grin and bear it. They are what they are. They will live and die by the 2-1 and 3-2 games. I'm not sure it is worth trading away Belt, Wheeler, Crawford, etc. to chase a 2011 title when they might be a huge part of a 2012 or 2013 run.

But I'll change my mind if someone can point to an ACTUAL GUY that can ACTUALLY BE ACQUIRED instead of an imaginary guy that we hope will materialize.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Oh, and the California Golden Bears live on to fight another day after a stirring victory over Texas A & M!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if he is good anymore, but has been really good, how about Hanley Ramirez, he is on the marlins chit list and needs a change in scenery. Tonight Bumgarner threw 22 of 25 pitches for strikes, and I thought the first pitch of the game which was called a ball, was right over the plate. It would have been a different first inning had Crawford started at shortstop.

Kyle Goings said...

No way do the Marlins even think of trading us Hanley. Even without the Posey incident, it wouldn't have happened. Now, especially now, the bad blood between these 2 prevents a trade like that from happening.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hanley Ramirez would cost MadBum or the equivalent. Worth it?

Zo said...

No, MadBum is not worth it (written 6/22). Trading for an injury, or because some of your fans are about to scream is a desperation move. And desperate teams get taken to the cleaners. One thing Brian Sabean has done well in the last couple years (in spite of much criticism) is NOT get taken to the cleaners. Remember all the blog comments to trade Cain? Sanchez? Sandoval? All because they had "trade value." Well, um, yeah, because they're good. Read Mark's opening paragraph again, grit your teeth and tough it out. We are, with our crappy offense and 5 game losing streak, 1/2 game out of first place. 1/2 game!

Zo said...

You want a trade proposal? Here's one: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/extrabaggs/2011/06/19/postgame-notes-a-horribly-immodest-proposal-bochys-job-getting-tougher-etc/

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think Zito is more valuable than Soriano, but at least Baggs is thinking.

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion for an offensive upgrade

How about seeing if Brandon Belt can play 2nd base.

If he could, and if he can produce offensively, that would allow him into the line-up without having to take Huff, Pablo, or an outfielder out.

Or in other words, if he can bring a stick, that would allow the Giants a way to get him in the line-up and upgrade.

Or, if he can't cut it there, for giggles, try Huff, Ross, or Pablo at 2nd, and Belt could play 1st, third, or outfield.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Belt is tall for a 2Bman, but he is agile.

The Giants seriously need some pop, and even when he was up early in the year, he was hitting the ball hard even though he wasn't getting on base.

Then, if Fontenot/Miggy can hold down SS, that leaves catcher as the biggest offensive hole to fill, with SS being another that would be nice to upgrade.

But if Fontenot can hack it at SS and raise the OBP out of that position just a little bit, that will help.

Belt at 2nd (provided that he can produce) would probably be the biggest internal upgrade we could make at the moment, without making a trade or acquisition.