Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kilo Tim

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Time continues at Mays Field in 2011 as the Giants celebrate their EIGHTH walk-off victory, this time a 5-4 win in 13 innings over the Nationals. Even the most jaded sabrematician has to wonder at this team's ability to win the close one. Perhaps most impressive is our ability to overcome the few low quality starts we get (yes, Lincecum pretty much sucked chowder in this one) and find a new conquering hero (Freddy Sanchez, Nate Schierholtz, and a bunch of relievers as tonight's examples).

The one thing that Tim Lincecum did well yesterday was reach the ONE THOUSAND CAREER STRIKEOUT milestone. He seemed quite dedicated to joining the tiny list of strikeout artists that hit the magic number within their first five seasons...in fact, he struck out the needed fifth batter in the second inning. But by then Tim was already showing signs of mediocrity ( a mammoth HR to a RH ) and things got bad in a hurry as he struggled through a 101 pitch uglyfest (game score 43):

5 innings, 4 runs, 5 hits, 3 walk, 5 strike outs
Tim has a poor track record against Washington and this did nothing to help. Go figure. Luck for us WE WON!! End of analysis.

So that means we can ponder silly milestones. Not that Tim's achievement is silly, but you must admit they can get rather goofy. Like....
How many more thousands of AB's until Miguel Tejada gets an extra base hit?
On what date will Bochy make his One Millionth perfectly predictable pitching change?
Can Aaron Rowand go an entire career missing that foot outside slider?

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Brother Bob said...

I blew this one. There was a rerun of "House" at 9 that I hadn't seen so I switched channels. Tim was already out of the game and we were behind 4-0. Ho hum just another remarkable come-from-behind win.
As a fan of odd names, I love the Giants' draft picks: Joe Panik and Kyle Crick.

Zo said...

Righteous bucks, dude.

I like Bochy's perfectly predictable pitching changes. Why? Because they tend to work. Affeldt last night pitched particularly well (and, did it when I was still awake enough to see straight). A couple of names not on the list to which Tim has been added: Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Roger Clemens. You woulda thunk at least Ryan and Clemens. Anyway, we can only hope that Tim has a career more reminiscent of Grover Cleveland Alexander's than of Kerry Wood's. And I agree with Bob. Not that I am a fan of that ex-Cub Ryan Theriot, but you have to imagine a double play combo of Panik and Theriot. Maybe there is a Chaos out there somewhere?

ps, Excellent job of picking up the daily musings for MOC.

Ron said...

Yes, good job on the posts, except for one thing - MOC was up bright-and-early for his posts. You are apparently sleeping in, so I can't read the posts with predictability by 7 AM!

For all of his sucky play, I am impressed by Miguel Tejada's continued enthusiasm & gratitude for being in the lucky situation in which he has found himself. He apparently was ready to pitch the 14th last night, if needed. He seems to have just as much team spirit as anyone. I never really liked him much as a A or an Oriole, but I do find myself rooting for him to finally produce. Of course, if he does, we would have a roster problem, when Panda comes back. I guess that we already do.

Nate Schierholtz has become a serious force to be reckoned with, & that is very gratifying. I still remember listening to his first big hit as a Giant, while visiting Zo & Akemi on Susana's first trip to California with me, right after Teacher Training in 2007. We sat in the car a few extra minutes, before a short & spectacular hike, waiting for Nate's at-bat, & Nate delivered that day, too.

JC Parsons said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Feel free to post as it is unknown when MOC returns and I can use all the help I can get.
Last night it was TOO LATE after the 4.5 hour game, so I posted this AM. But don't look for ANY 7AM posts cuz its VACATION!!! I sleep in now!!! HAHAHAHA

Zo said...

7 am is far too early to be internetting, Ron.