Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Real Tim

Reality has returned. It hurts today, but it is what we are.

Today's version was yet another thrilling pitcher's duel, albeit a heart-breaking loss, 2-1 to the Cubbies. Tim Lincecum and Ryan Dempster matched zeroes for six quick innings. The Freak had nasty stuff (game score 70) but some trouble spotting his fastball, so his pitch count soared. Meanwhile, Dempster was getting a taste of that special offense thing we know, when we all try to make the easiest, quickest outs imaginable. I swear there was an inning ( or three)that the crafty vet threw two pitches to get three outs. I didn't think that was possible, but with an offense like ours, the impossible happens regularly. Anyway, Tim's numbers are once again sweet:

7 innings 5 hits one run two walks nine strikeouts

His best moment came in the fifth when that ass-hole Blake DeWitt doubled to lead off and went to third on a wild pitch. In classic Lincecum fashion, Tim broke down Alfonso Soriano on a swing he learned from Pedro Feliz, he froze Reed Johnson with heat on the paint, and (after an intentional walk) blew away Dempster. Tim's worst moments were any time DeWitt came to the plate. The scrawny dweeb owns Tim. Go figure.

We almost got the miracle finish again - too bad Burriss didn't just run and not think. I was surprised to see him so worried about getting back to second. Don't try to tag, try to score. Oh well, we'll get them tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Burris should have scored. The rockies won on Tuesday when Tulo scored from first on a bloop single to center. When the cubs centerfielder leaped in a diving fashion for the ball Burris should have been halfway. As it would have been difficult to throw him out from the ground. Even so I thought he could have pulled a Willie Mays and kept running. as the relay throw also really sucked. He could have scored.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I don't know--Burriss was in the classic "between a rock and a hard place" situation. He would have looked like a fool if the ball had been caught and we'd all be on his ass about it. Hell, there was ONLY ONE OUT. Runner on 3rd, less than 2 out, game already tied, being conservative there was not a bad play. If Ross gets a fly ball it's 2-1 but he hit a DP instead and that was that.

Brother Bob said...

This was a typical Giants game, except it would have been more typical if we had won it.
I like your little blast from the past - gratuitous dumping on Pedro Feliz.

Zo said...

No kidding - excellent Pedro Feliz reference. Perhaps that should be a tag.