Friday, June 10, 2011

That was bad

Watching the Giants "offense" is like . . .

Yeah, I couldn't think of anything either.



Ron said...

Since you have nothing to write about the offense (I understand), let's discuss the Manager. Why, why, why would you have your best hitter (F. Sanchez) bunt a runner to 3rd base in the 6th inning with your least reliable hitter on-deck??? That was a defeatist move - you get a lead-off double with your best hitter coming up, you have to be thinking big inning, even if you're the 2011 SF Giants. And, who better to spark a big inning than F. Sanchez. That was a joke of a move, which Huff compounded with his Rowand-like flail for strike 3. I was disgusted with that scenario. Yuck! The rest of the game just punctuated what a stupid move that was.

Great job by Bumgarner - he deserved much better. He is a tough pitcher.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I generally hate bunting, and so does Bochy, but it was a 1-run game at that point and "playing for the tie" at home is not such a bad idea with a putrid offense. It was not what I would have preferred, but it was defensible. Cueto got big strikeouts both times the Giants had runners on 3rd with less than two outs. That's not bad managing. Giants "hitters" need to start hitting or the team needs to get some new ones.

Whiteside's passed ball was also a killer. I could live with his non-bat if he had a decent glove, but it doesn't seem like his defense is up to snuff.

MadBum is the new Cain.

Brother Bob said...

Oh, I assumed MC's headline was referring to that music JC mentioned.

Anonymous said...

That passed ball, was more like a wild pitch. It may have been called a passed ball but that was a tough call. I think the homeplate ump showed how he could change a game in a crucial situation with Huff at bat. The guy had a tight strike zone all night which the giants did not take full advantage of, but in Huffs AB a pitch early in the count that Huff took was a low inside slider, the ump called it a strike. Much better pitches all night were balls, Then later in the AB he swung at a similar pitch which he would normally have taken for a ball. I agree with the poster that he should have allowed Freddie to hit. I thought it at the time so it is not just hindsite.