Saturday, June 18, 2011


Friggin' A's.
Really, Aaron Rowand as a DH against a right handed pitcher???
Ugly night for a struggling Panda: 0-5, 2 strikeouts, game ending GIDP.
Sanchez is not supposed to be easy to hit, but he got pummeled by dweebs.
Thank Jeebus the snakes lost too.
Really, Aaron Rowand as a DH against a human pitcher???
All the runs scored in the 5th inning. Why did I listen to the others?
The bullpen is sooo good.
It is such a waste sometimes.
Not tonight...again.


Brother Bob said...

Losing to the As really depresses me.

Anonymous said...

The giants play the A's starting Lincecum, Sanchez, and Cain, and cannot even win a game. Giants did just what they needed to do to lose. Never pitch Affeldt to a righty in a tie game. Final game over, Cody Ross called out on strikes on a pitch a foot inside. That is the way it went in this wacky series.