Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Extra Effort

Both the Giants and Dodgers lost in extra innings last night. Arizona spoiled a great comeback by hanging on for the win. The Giants had a golden chance in the 8th to push across the go-ahead run but could not deliver the big hit. It was a night for big hits--I particularly liked Brandon Belt putting one in the water on an 0-2 pitch to bring the team within a run. That was the 82nd homer by the club, by far the worst in baseball. Only the Dodgers (92) and the Padres (94) are similarly pathetic with the big fly. (The 2010 Giants hit 162 dingers.) It's a triples game in San Francisco: the Giants are tied with the Rockies with 46, best in the game. Gee, I wonder if there are ballpark effects at work here. This year's offense is actually a little better overall than than the World Series team, but the pitching is a little worse. Ryan Vogelsong continues to struggle, getting hammered for nine hits and six runs and failing to finish the 4th inning. He had lively, strikeout stuff, but his usual pinpoint control wasn't quite there, and the Diamondbacks have a good lineup and they had some great swings and great at-bats. Finishing guys off has been an issue lately, I don't recall seeing so many two-strike hits. Ol' Boch used 11 pitchers, which tied a major-league record for extra-inning games. The starters are the key--they'll have to get it back together soon and chew up some innings. The Giants chased Arizona starter Ian Kennedy in the 6th, and we know how tough he usually is, so that was big. Missed a chance to go up a game on LA, though, which is a bummer. They lost despite a fine start by Clayton Kershaw.

Madison Bumgarner gets the ball today, and he's usually lights-out at home.



p.s.  If you haven't seen Brandon Crawford's tag-and-throw double play to end the 7th, you must. He's so quick and so smooth and he makes the play with such nonchalance! Check it out.

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Shankbone said...

I am curious how many thousands of Doyer and Gint fans were following each team last night. Scully was constantly updating the Gint game half inning at a time on the broadcast. Tough game to lose but this team is showing some moxy, the 2011 version would have turtle shelled.

I agree with our starters not finishing off pitcher counts. They need to get lectured, this is the stretch run. Keep the ball down and make better pitches. The offense has stepped up, the defense is back on track, now the pitching needs to get sharper.