Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Win By Any Other Name

I came home today just in time to see Javier Lopez take the ball from Bruce Bochy. I missed Matt Cain's 7-1/3 innings of being Matt Cain. Remember when the "Cain can't beat LA" shite was being bandied about? When was that? Who cares. Pitcher-wins are stupid. Teams win, teams lose. Today was case in point, the 'pen was teetering on the abyss of a colossal meltdown in the 8th, and we were all a bit tense, but four pitchers later it was all OK. Lots of opportunities to turn that W into an L or ND. Shit happens. And Hunter Pence. Let us not forget the big hits that led to big runs that made the difference. If Hunter doesn't Pence, Matt would have been Cain'd, and that 'first win' would have slipped away. But a win it was, and still is, and my penny-ante punditry cannot get in the way of some well-deserved high-fives and woo-hoos. If my muse Mike Krukow were next to me now, I'm sure he'd say that the Tennessee Stud "was happy to leave April behind" and follow that with some new Krukovian catch-phrase that will bore into my brain like a Khan-worm into Mr. Chekhov. But Matt Cain and the Giants swept the Dodgers, and that's better than everything else.

I had a great Cinco de Mayo, hope you did, too.

¡Vamos Gigantes!


p.s. Ron: check my Spanish!


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It's time to get smug. We swept LA. We're in first place. We won the World Series twice. We're Los Gigantes baby, and we're the baddest baseball team on earth.