Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maddy Gets an L

Madison Bumgarner picked up his first loss last night against the redoubtable Cliff Lee.   He deserved it, too.  Maddy struck out 7 and walked only 2, but gave up 5 runs in 6 innings.  He also threw 2 wild pitches, one of which led directly to one of Philly's runs.  The Giants picked up a second run in the 8th against Cliff Lee before Jon Papelbon shut the Giants down in the 9th for a final score of 6-2.  The outcome was never much in doubt, the Giants had only 5 hits on the evening, and Hunter Pence had 60% of them.  Maddy threw 100 pitches, 68 of them for strikes, with one of those hit for a home run.  Hunter hit a solo home run off of Cliff Lee, too, as well as a double, but, other than he, the Giants were outmatched.  On a good note, Maddy went six innings.  With the use that our bullpen has been getting lately, that's a good thing.

Rather than dwell too long on the box score and game accounts, I would encourage you to look at the NL West standings this morning.  There are elements of sublime beauty there.


Brother Bob said...

LA in last place is pretty sublime.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Cliff Lee is like Clayton Kershaw, the Giants just can't hit the guy (WS excepted, of course).

I can't figure out why the Dodgers don't score more runs. Don't get me wrong, I hope their offensive futility lasts the rest of the century, but I can't figure it. Seems like they should be better at hitting.