Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Batting Practice Tim

The Giants completed the sweep in the desert with another huge late inning comeback and beat the snakes, 9-6.  Arizona's bullpen is truly atrocious. In the eighth, Brandon Belt played the role of savior this time with an unlikely three run homer on an 0-2 pitch. That was quickly followed by a couple of insurance runs in the ninth. Like I said, Arizona's bullpen is atrocious. The spectacular heroics makes it pretty easy to overlook a weak and worrying performance by Tim Lincecum.  Boy, I sure wish I could overlook this one.

Tim only faced twenty three batters and ten of them got hits.  His previous high this season was six! Three of those hits were for extra bases, including a three run ridiculous fecking homer to the number 8 hitter! Isn't it awesome that the game winner was a three run blast from our number 8 hitter!  Speaking of which, what the hell is going on with all the huge homers from shitty bottom of the order fodder.  Haven't we already given up three homers to pitchers?!  Yuck.  I suppose it could just be a small sample size thing, but I really wonder if  Tim (and a few others) aren't just head cases and lose their focus in the less tense moments. That could be something that bites us in the ass later.  Oh well, that is later. Now is yet another dramatic win.

Did I hear correctly when they said Hunter Pence's homer went 460 feet? That is HUGE.  I must have heard that wrong.


nomisnala said...

Pence's homer today and Pablo's yesterday were both monster shots. Our pitching staff has not gotten it in gear yet. Timmy did not walk anybody today but he still did not have great control. Too many fat pitches, especially with 2 strikes. He did get 6 K's in 5 innings, but he has not looked like the Tim of old for a long time. Now Matt, and Vogey are struggling. Zito is either fabulous for a start, or horrible. Luckily so far the hitting has carried us to a winning record.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Great piece by Baggs, check it out.

Giants win! Giants win! Pence's ball was, I think, even further than Pablo's. They were both obliterated. Nice to see the ball club battle back and keep the pressure on. You got to take advantage of another team's weak spots.

The starters, other than MadBum, have been below par, but the fact that the team is winning bodes well, I think. These guys are too talented not to put together some good stretches. It's a long haul. They'll find their groove.

Giants are 5-1 when Tim starts.

Zo said...

You heard correctly on the 460 ft home run. Dry desert air I guess but even so, he really smacked it.

Brother Bob said...

If Belt and Pence can both get hot this team could scores lots of runs.

Ron said...

Giants generating big-time excitement with a flair for the dramatic as they dig out from the hole they created for themselves w/ that losing streak. We've said it before - the division is fairly weak &, thus, wide open. We should emerge as the class of the division.

I, on the other hand, am thoroughly floored by the following richly obscure comment in the Guardian newspaper's minute-by-minute report of the Chelsea v. FC Basel Europa League match:

"21 min: Chelsea corner from Lampard who employs the rare Barnes Wallis method which could have surprised the defence but instead surprised everyone and bounced across the box before the left-back belted it clear."

Ron said...

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, CBE[1] FRS, RDI, FRAeS (26 September 1887 – 30 October 1979), was an English scientist, engineer and inventor. He is best known for inventing the bouncing bomb used by the RAF in Operation Chastise (the "Dambusters" raid) to attack the dams of the Ruhr Valley during World War II.

Brother Bob said...

No one does trivia better than RMC.