Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tim-like Tim

The Giants closed out a nifty 7-3 home stand by throttling the Braves, 5-1.  I, of course, decided to miss today's game in favor of " a good walk spoiled," or a round of golf as some people call it.  It is a shame that I missed the homers by Belt, Sandoval ( into the bay!), and Scutaro.  But it is a frigging crime that I missed Tim being so damn good.

Seven shut out innings, two hits, NO RUNS, three walks and seven strikeouts. That's like the good old days.  Sure, the Braves are free swingers and probably exactly what Tim needed. None the less THEY ARE GOOD.  We will hopefully be facing these guys in playoffs, that's how good they are. A truly quality win.  Sucks that I missed it.

But, yes. I am willing to go golfing every time Tim pitches, if I have to. Just the kind of fan I am.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Great day for The Freak!! He went 3-0 on the first batter and I thought "uh-oh" but it all worked out. He got a lot of called strikes today. He made some big pitches when he needed them, and got some good breaks behind him in the field. Justin Upton misplayed a ball in LF. He had a rough series with the glove, making two bad plays yesterday in RF. The guys sure swung the bats: 23 runs in the last three games (only FOUR allowed!!).

Brother Bob said...

Maybe the "Freak" nickname needs to be retired due to the haircut. The "Franchise" moniker has been quietly put out to pasture r/t Tim, as that entity now is the fella who squats behind the plate, Mr. Posey.
So we know Lincecum can still be good. It wasn't long ago he had a couple of strong starts, followed by some shaky ones.
All of our starters are capable of being dominant, with the current exception of Vogelsong. Let's hope that's just a temporary aberration. What will matter is how well they're pitching in September and October.

Zo said...

A week ago our "problem was with the starters." Now out top three just took on one of the top hitting clubs in baseball and shut them down. Vogie stumbled a bit, but Cain, Madbum and Tim gave us 7 innings, as did Zito just before that. Anyone would like that kind of problem.

Ron said...

Giants in Canada, eh? Would be nice to get some more wins!

Broad smile moment here in Portland yesterday:

I was driving home from work, listening to a Sports Talk show (NPR was having a pledge drive). There was a substitute host, a guy named Bernie. I'm not usually a really big fan of his, but, after yesterday, I am.

He was on some sort of rant about something, & the subject changed to people who show up late & leave big sporting events early. So, he not only took the opportunity to single out Dodger fans, but also pointed out something that I had never noticed before.

During the video of perhaps the most iconic highlight in (LA) Dodger history (Gibson HR off of Eckersley), he claims that, beyond the RF bullpen, you can see the tailights of hundreds of cars, containing some of the many fans who left the ballpark early & missed this moment.

I suppose that I'll have to actually look at the screen the next time they run this highlight, just to see this.